Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.
Watch the opening event.
View Melvia's introduction.
Get rescued on your way to Arland.
Witness Cordelia and some other girl arguing.
Haul in a "fishy fishy" from Alanya.
See the event detailing Chim's birth.
Learn the final whereabouts of Totori's mother.
Learn the truth about Pamela.
Reminisce with Rorona and her friends at Iksel's restaurant.
Went with Tiffani and Filly to have a drink.
Hold the swimsuit contest.
View the event where Ceci embraces Totori.
View the event where Gino learns his strongest skill.
View the event where Melvia and Ceci are cornered.
View the event where Mimi tries to cheer Totori up.
View the event where McVellion activates.
Learned the true nature of the "Guardian."
View the Normal Ending.
View the Bad Ending.
See Gino's Ending.
See Melvia's Ending.
See Mimi's Ending.
See Marc's Ending.
See Rorona's Ending.
See Sterk's Ending.
See Chim's Ending.
With limitless funding, Totori opens a restaurant.
View the True Ending.