Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings Trophy List

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Congratulations! You have collected all trophies.
Begun the exploration of a mysterious painting.
Ascertained the bond between the twins.
Reached Normal Ending.
Reached Good Ending.
Reached Shop Ending
Reached Mysterious Painter Ending.
Reached True Ending.
Failed in synthesis in the atelier.
Got help from "one" who had certainly grown up.
Had a reunion you have dreamt about.
Enjoyed a vacation.
Tricked Lucia.
Attended a coronation ceremony.
Saw a very happy Firis.
Was treated to a wonderful potato stew.
Gave Plachta a massage.
Saw a surprising scene of Hagel and Pamela.
Corneria has grown.
Witnessed heavy drinkers.
Witnessed weak drinkers.
Saw to a reconciliation of old friends.
Saw a marvelous puppet show.
Performed a Character Change for the first time.
Inspected great many barrels.
Customized a weapon for the first time.
Created all weapons and armors.
Spent a lot of money in Corneria's shop.
Collected all insect materials.
Collected all fish materials.
Used Battle Mix for the first time.
Used all patterns of the Battle Mix.
A mysterious happening occurred during a battle in the painting world.
Repainted surroundings during a battle.
Saw all the Combination Arts.
Created an unbelievable item using the Extra Mix.
Fulfilled all Ambitions.
Discovered all recipes.
Synthesized all items.
Reached max battle level.
Reached max alchemist level.
Played with a fire dragon.
Defeated an ancient God of Thunder.
Defeated the guileless Licensed Alchemist.
Defeated the core of Remplir.
Defeated the Creator deity.
Defeated the girl who lives in the dark red world.
Defeated the two goddesses who unleashed their full strength.