Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey Trophy List

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Congraturations! You gathered all the trophies!
You met Sophie and Plachta
Created a ship that can go through tornados
You got a recommendation
You passed the official alchemist exam
You decided what you want to do
You made a ship that can fly
You went on an alchemic journey with Sophie
You decided to perfect your alchemy skills
Went on a journey with Liane.
Opened an alchemy shop with Ilmeria
Decided to take part in Drossel's puppet show
Decided to travel with Revy
Decided to go on an archeological journey
Decided to become a teacher at a school
Decided to become friends with plants around the world
Decided to go on a never ending journey
Enjoyed a hot spring
Enjoyed a traditional festival at Flussheim
Listened to a song of appreciation
You wore the cloths your mother sent you
You watched Firis is held by Liane
Made up with Ilmeria
Held a puppet show
You watched Revy become successful as a chef
You witnessed how much Angriff can drink
You carried out EXTREME Compounding
Found a landmark
Buried a map in a certain location
You melted the snow on the snow mountain
You visited everywhere
You came up with a lot of recipes
Completed a lot of chain quests
Submitted a lot of information
Changed the Atelier design
Changed costumes
You checked many barrels
You set up your first Atelier
Increased the number of items using Corneria doll
Defeated Avenger
Defeated Logius
Defeated the One from the Deep Waters
Defeated Twin Gods
You beat Sophie in an official exam