Assault Android Cactus Trophy List

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Defeat Production Overlord Embryo
Defeat Hydroponics Controller Vespula
Defeat Security Administrator Justice
Defeat Superstructure Engineer Venom
Rescue the Genki Star
Destroy 15,000 homicidal robots
Defeat one of Embryo's phases before he can relocate
Destroy every laser fence In Justice's first phase
Collect every Battery dropped in the Showdown level
Reach a chain of 100
Reach a chain of 1000
Reach Layer 15 in Infinity Drive mode
Reach layer 25 in Infinity Drive mode
Complete Boss Rush mode
Destroy seven enemies with a single Rail Gun shot
Finish any level without taking damage
Cause 3 mines to explode in succession without being shot
Destroy 3 enemies by driving another enemy through them with the Giga Drill
Destroy an enemy with Helo while it's caught by a Singularity
Lead the laser turret to defeat Medulla
Earn an S+ rank on any level
Earn an S+ ranking on all campaign levels
Drop a cannonball down the hole in Filament
Activate an EX Option
Play as 8 Androids
Unlock all items in the Art Gallery
Unlock all items in the Codex
Unlock all items in EX Options
Unlock any item that costs credits