Assassin's Creed Unity Trophy List

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Earn every Trophy.
Complete the Prologue.
Complete Memory Sequence 1.
Complete Memory Sequence 2.
Complete Memory Sequence 3.
Complete Memory Sequence 4.
Complete Memory Sequence 5.
Complete Memory Sequence 6.
Complete Memory Sequence 7.
Complete Memory Sequence 8.
Complete Memory Sequence 9.
Complete Memory Sequence 10.
Complete Memory Sequence 11.
Complete Memory Sequence 12.
Complete all Rift missions.
Earn Data Bonuses in 3 different Helix Rifts.
Free a total of 10 trapped Assassins.
Assassinate 100 enemies.
Complete all Single Player mission challenges in Paris.
Renovate your first Social Club.
Renovate all the Social Clubs and complete all the Social Club missions.
Perform 10 air assassinations.
Unlock the Medieval Armor in the Café Théâtre.
Complete a Co-op mission in Paris.
Complete all training missions.
Lockpick 20 chests.
Open every chest in Paris.
Complete all Co-op and Heist missions in Paris at least once.
Earn a total of 50,000 livres.
Perform a ground execution.
Synchronize all Viewpoints in Paris.
Complete 10 Crowd Events.
Solve a Murder Mystery in Paris.
Earn 100% completion of Versailles.
Complete a Nostradamus Enigma in Paris.
Collect all Cockades
Drop 20 Money Pouches in the streets.
Watch a play in the Café Théâtre.
Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission in Paris.
Perform all Social Club missions in a district.
Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony.
Kill 20 enemies with a Long Weapon.
Kill 20 enemies with a heavy weapon.
Complete all the renovations of the Café Théâtre.
Kill an enemy with a lift counterweight.
Revive a partner in Co-op.
Perform 10 non-lethal takedowns in a Co-op mission.
Perform 10 Co-op sync kills.
Sabotage 5 alarm bells in Paris.
Lockpick 5 doors.
Unlock all Skills.

Assassin's Creed® Unity : Dead Kings DLC

Complete Memory Sequence 13.
Complete Suger’s Legacy and recover the Eagle of Suger.
Free every outpost in Franciade.
Kill 5 enemies at the same time with a Guillotine Gun.
Kill 15 Raider leaders.
Achieve 100% synchronization in Dead Kings.
Complete the Heist and the Co-op mission in Dead Kings at least once.