Trophy List

One Last Time One Last Time
Complete Memory Sequence 1.
The Girl Lives The Girl Lives
Complete Memory Sequence 3.
On Her Own On Her Own
Complete Memory Sequence 6.
The Choice The Choice
Complete Memory Sequence 8.
Like A Shadow Like A Shadow
Achieve a Shadow Gold rating 30 times.
Like An Assassin Like An Assassin
Achieve a Assassin Gold rating 30 times.
Like A Silencer Like A Silencer
Achieve a Silencer Gold rating 30 times.
Mercy Shooter Mercy Shooter
Don't kill any enemies in the Orelov Sniping sections in Memory Sequence 7.
My Brothers My Brothers
Complete Memory Sequences 8 and 9 without killing anyone.
Between The Eyes Between The Eyes
Headshot 100 enemies.
Shocking Shocking
Electrocute 25 enemies.
Resourceful Resourceful
Electrocute 3 enemies at the same time.
Gone In A Flash Gone In A Flash
Use Helix Blade on 25 enemies.
Ghost Train Ghost Train
Complete Memory Sequence 4 without alerting the enemies.
Different Paths Different Paths
Complete Assassin's Creed® Chronicles: Russia.
Combo Master Combo Master
Complete any Memory Sequence other than Memory Sequence 1 without losing your Score Combo once.
A True Assassin A True Assassin
Complete Assassin's Creed® Chronicles: Russia in Plus Hard mode without alerting any enemy.