Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Trophy List

Vengeance Begins Vengeance Begins
Assassinate Gao Feng.
The Assassin's Return The Assassin's Return
Complete Assassin's Creed® Chronicles: China.
The Way It's Meant To Be The Way It's Meant To Be
Complete every memory in the Plus or Plus Hard Game Modes.
The Completionist The Completionist
Achieve the highest score and fastest time in each memory.
I Fear No One I Fear No One
Kill 100 enemies using the Helix Kill.
Low Blow Low Blow
Slide assassinate 25 enemies.
The Invisible Woman The Invisible Woman
Shadow Gold past 30 patrols.
Now You See Me… Now You See Me…
Escape alerts 30 times.
Faster Than The Flame Faster Than The Flame
Escape the burning port in under 5 minutes.
Not A Scratch Not A Scratch
Assassinate all enemies in the ambush in Memory Sequence 8 without taking a single hit.
Concubine Savior Concubine Savior
Save all the Concubines in Memory Sequence 9.
Master Of Stealth Master Of Stealth
Complete Memory Sequence 11 without being seen.
Clean Mind Clean Mind
Hide 50 bodies.
Shiny Shiny
Collect all the Animus Shards.
Tell Me A Story Tell Me A Story
Open all Scroll Chests.
No Witnesses No Witnesses
Assassinate 100 enemies.
Smash And Stab Smash And Stab
Kill 100 enemies in combat.
Enemy Of My Enemy Enemy Of My Enemy
Inflict friendly fire from projectiles on 50 enemies.