Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Trophy List

Julius Caesar Julius Caesar
Win every trophy.
Technical Difficulties Technical Difficulties
Attempt to access DNA Sequence 9 for the first time.
Battle Wounds Battle Wounds
Complete DNA Sequence 1.
Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Sanctuary!
Find a secure place to hide and re-enter the Animus.
Rome in Ruins Rome in Ruins
Complete DNA Sequence 2.
Fixer-Upper Fixer-Upper
Complete DNA Sequence 3.
Principessa in Another Castello Principessa in Another Castello
Complete DNA Sequence 4.
Fundraiser Fundraiser
Complete DNA Sequence 5.
Forget Paris Forget Paris
Complete DNA Sequence 6.
Bloody Sunday Bloody Sunday
Complete DNA Sequence 7.
Vittoria Agli Assassini Vittoria Agli Assassini
Complete DNA Sequence 8.
Requiescat In Pace Requiescat In Pace
Complete DNA Sequence 9.
A Knife to the Heart A Knife to the Heart
Secure the Apple of Eden.
Perfect Recall Perfect Recall
Achieve 100% Synchronization in any Sequence other than Sequence 1.
Déjà Vu Déjà Vu
Replay a Memory.
Undertaker 2.0 Undertaker 2.0
Discover the Shrine in the Catacombe di Roma.
Golden Boy Golden Boy
Discover the Shrine in the Terme di Traiano.
Gladiator Gladiator
Discover the Shrine in Il Colosseo.
Plumber Plumber
Discover the Shrine in the Cloaca Maxima.
One-Man Wrecking Crew One-Man Wrecking Crew
Discover the Shrine in Palazzo Laterano.
Amen Amen
Discover the Shrine in the Basilica di San Pietro.
Bang! Bang!
Destroy the Machine Gun.
Splash! Splash!
Destroy the Naval Cannon.
Boom! Boom!
Destroy the Bomber.
Kaboom! Kaboom!
Destroy the Tank.
Home Improvement Home Improvement
Renovate 5 buildings in the Antico district.
Tower Offense Tower Offense
Burn All Borgia Towers.
Show Off Show Off
Complete 10 Guild Challenges.
..   .- --   .- .-.. .. ...- . .. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- .
Solve all of Subject 16’s puzzles.
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Earn 3 gold medals in the Animus Virtual Training Program.
Brotherhood Brotherhood
Recruit 3 Assassins.
Welcome to the Brotherhood Welcome to the Brotherhood
Train a recruit up to the Rank of Assassin.
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag
Remove All Borgia Flags in Rome.
In Memoriam In Memoriam
Collect All Feathers.
Dust to Dust Dust to Dust
Find 1 Artifact in 2012.
Serial Killer Serial Killer
Perform an Execution Streak of 10 kills.
Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning
Kill a guard with a broom.
Your Wish is Granted Your Wish is Granted
Throw money in a well.
Fly Like an Eagle Fly Like an Eagle
Jump with the parachute off the top of Castel Sant'Angelo.
The Gloves Come Off The Gloves Come Off
Win the highest bet at the Fights.
Mailer Daemon Mailer Daemon
Access your email in 2012.
Strong-Arm Strong-Arm
Throw a Long Weapon, Heavy Weapon, and Smoke bomb more than 10 m at a guard.
High Roller High Roller
Win 10000 florins playing Hazard.
il Principe il Principe
Receive 100% synch in ACB and full synch in all missions of the Da Vinci Disappearance.
Airstrike Airstrike
Kill 10 guards with a single arrow storm.
Complete the Da Vinci Disappearance.
Clowning Around Clowning Around
Beat up the 5 thirsty harlequins.
Special Delivery Special Delivery
Double Assassinate from a parachute.
Grand Theft Dressage Grand Theft Dressage
Steal 5 horses from their riders, while remaining on horseback.
Going Up Going Up
Kill a guard with the bag that drops from a lift.
Easy Come, Easy Go Easy Come, Easy Go
Pay 500 florins to an orator, then pickpocket him afterward.