Armored Warfare Trophy List

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Unlock all available trophies
Destroy 30 enemy vehicles with T-72 Ural
Destroy 15 enemy vehicles with ATGMs
Capture at least 3 points in one GLOBAL OPERATIONS game while destroying at least 3 enemy vehicles without respawning
Survive 3 battles on M60A2 Starship without destroying any enemies
Block 10000 damage with Type 85-IIM
While playing in a Scorpion in PvE survive the battle with less than 10% HP left
Revive yourself 10 times in PvE, playing in a BMPT-72 Terminator 2
Win 10 PvP games with M551 Sheridan, while getting destroyed during the battle
Destroy 10 vehicles in PvP, without being spotted, playing in a Pl-01
Destroy a T-14 Armata using a FV4034 Challenger 2 in PvP
Destroy 5 vehicles in a row without taking damage playing in a M1A1 in PvP
Destroy 15 vehicles while playing in a Centauro in PvE
Deploy the anti-tank pillbox wildcard 5 times in GLOBAL OPERATIONS mode
Destroy 5 enemy drones in GLOBAL OPERATIONS mode
Destroy at least 2 enemies with a single airstrike during a single GLOBAL OPERATIONS mission
Win 10 PvP games being the last survivor in the team
Destroy 5 MBTs with HE shells
Destroy an enemy vehicle jumping on it from above
Ride 10000 miles
Win a PvP match while armed with 10 or less shells or missiles.
Own every Challenger tank in the game
Own an elite M2A3 Bradley
Capture enemy base 10 times during PvP battles
Destroy 30 enemy vehicles while standing in the water
Own an elite 9910
Destroy at least 5 enemies in a single PvP game while playing in a VBL TOW
Destroy 50 BMDs and BMPs in PvP games
Destroy a burning enemy vehicle
Destroy an immobilized enemy vehicle
Unlock 100 modules
Destroy 20 ATGMS with APS
Destroy an enemy vehicle, that is undetected playing in PvP
Win 20 PvE mission while playing in the artillery
Own at least a Tier 7 vehicle of every dealer in the game
Own 7 commanders in the game and have them all topped out in experience
Own a fortune of 50 million credits