Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Have a healer return your party to full health.
Obtain the Gorgeous Ring.
Complete The First Battle.
Complete the Awakening chapter.
Complete the Setting Out chapter.
Complete the Ambition chapter.
Steal an item from an enemy.
Equip one character with three Romantic Earrings.
Perform a dual attack.
Consume a Bountiful Fruit.
Use Mind Control to take control of an enemy.
Feed the Pyron some food.
Complete the Conflict chapter.
Complete the Love and Hate chapter.
Complete the Rage chapter.
Complete the Reunion chapter.
Complete the Truth chapter.
Complete the Evolution chapter.
Complete the Rivalry chapter.
Learn an 8-star skill.
Reach level 50 with Kharg.
Reach level 50 with Darc.
Bring all five Spirit Dictionaries to Span.
Collect all of the Ancient Tablets.
Win Diekbeck from the Cathena Arena.
Win Choco from the Rueloon arena.
Reach level 50 with a companion.
Defeat Droguza in his altered Deimos form.
Learn every skill for Kharg and Darc.
Defeat the Lord of the Black Abyss.
Complete the Mark of Devils, Road of Bravery, Enlightenment's Path, and Title of Demons Arena challenges.