Aragami Trophy List

How To Use
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Obtain all achievements.
Complete Chapter 1.
Complete Chapter 2.
Complete Chapter 3.
Complete Chapter 4.
Complete Chapter 5.
Complete Chapter 6.
Complete Chapter 7.
Complete Chapter 8.
Complete Chapter 9.
Complete Chapter 10.
Complete Chapter 11.
Complete Chapter 12.
Complete Chapter 13.
Obtain a ‘Yurei’ medal.
Obtain all ‘Yurei’ medals.
Obtain a ‘Kami’ medal.
Obtain all ‘Kami’ medals.
Obtain an ‘Oni’ medal.
Obtain all ‘Oni’ medals.
Find a Scroll.
Find all Scrolls.
Unlock your first Shadow Technique
Unlock all the Shadow Techniques
Concatenate multiple stealth kills.
Perform your first Shadow Kill.
Perform 100 Shadow Leaps.
Summon 100 shadows.
Kill 100 enemies.
Perform a Ledge Kill.
Perform a Ceiling Kill.
Destroy a light orb for 1st time
Use 'Shinen' to swallow 3 guards at the same time.
Get killed by an arrow while throwing a 'Kunai'.
Perform an aerial kill from a 30m height.
Die while performing a stealth kill.
Trigger caution mode on the same guard 3 times.
Skip a cinematic.
Use an explosive light to kill a guard.
Die. Again. And again.