Apocalypse Rider Trophy List

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THE rider
Purchase the Muscle
Purchase the Bobber
Purchase the Cruiser
Purchase the Shinobi
Finish a mission without going faster than 100km/h
Finish Mission 2 with at least 40 seconds left
Replay the same mission 25 Times
Fully Upgrade the Scrambler
Fully Upgrade 4th the Shinobi
Spend 10000 money
Earn 5000 Money
Earn 50000 Money
Play 12 straight levels without crashing once
Crash 10 times
Ride for 42 km
Ride for 386 km
Ride for 666 miles
50 overtakes in a single mission
Crash 0 times on mission 20
Don't use the Brakes on mission 18
Play for 50 min
Play for 100 min
Play for 180 min
Reach 300 km/h