Anna: Extended Edition Trophy List

Anna, my love Anna, my love
Complete the game with the "The Truth" Ending
Black Night Black Night
Complete the game with the "So Soon" ending.
Safe Safe
Complete the game with the "Just a scratch" ending.
Ghostbuster! Ghostbuster!
Find all supernatural events in a single playthrough
Sherlock Sherlock
Use "Examine" 100 times in a single playthrough
First Take First Take
Solve the leaves puzzle without making mistakes.
Straight to the goal Straight to the goal
Complete the game without using the help feature
Jump in the house Jump in the house
Complete the exterior section in less than 5 minutes
It's dark here It's dark here
Get inside the sawmill
Way of the The Sabot Maker Way of the The Sabot Maker
Reenact all the steps of the Way of the Sabot Maker
Bookworm Bookworm
Read all books and documents in a single playthrough.
Anna Fhtagn Anna Fhtagn
Read all cultism books in a single playthrough
Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time
Read all fables in a single playthrough.
Scientific method Scientific method
Unlock all intuitions in a single playthrough.
That's all folks! That's all folks!
Finish the game with 100% completion