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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
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Obtain the other trophies.
Unlock the Secret Ending.
Finish the game obtaining the True Ending.
Finish the game obtaining the Alternative Ending.
Finish the game in New Game+.
Find all the hidden items in Arcane.
Defeat the Secret Boss
Reach Level 16
Get the rank of Grand Maister in the Cathedral of Erynes.
Finish all possible conversations with Death.
Find all the fragments of Velez’s Soul.
Obtain the Thanathos Nekrom
Unlock the access to the Inner Halls of Arcane.
Free the prisoner from his prison.
Make Gaudemus create something for you.
Defeat Ergo and The Bearer in the Nexus.
Defeat Druaga.
Defeat the Shadow of the Nameless.
Defeat the three guardian shadows.
Defeat Ergo and The Bearer in Erynes.
Defeat Nascal the Puppetmaster.
Defeat Red Lady
Defeat Rametek
Help the Priest of Erynes.
Reach Arcane.
Finish the prologue.