Anarcute Trophy List

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Unlock every Anarcute trophies
Free Tokyo
Free Paris
Free Miami
Free Reykjavik
Free Anarland
Eject 1000 ennemies
Wake up 1000 rioters
Unlock all the heads
Unlock the Butterfly
Unlock a new outfit
Blow up the Moon
Buy all the abilities
Finish a level with only 1 rioter standing
Destroy the mandrill's sandcastle
Get a game over by freezing
Play with only one kind of animal
Find out who has been the true bad guy from the beginning
Finish the first level
Eject 7 ennemies with a single laser shot
Make a prop ricochet 9 times
Make a helicopter crash before it has time to deploy any reinforcements
Finish all levels with a S rating
Eject 5 ennemies with mines
Make 50 ennemies fall in love with the rioters
Put it through the hoop in Miami