Amplitude Trophy List

Superhuman Superhuman
Collect all other trophies.
Pathway Restored Pathway Restored
Complete a song in any mode.
Emergency Care Emergency Care
Restore a broken streak using Cleanse or Flow.
Accelerated Response Accelerated Response
Clear two consecutive sequences on opposite sides.
Aggressive Tendencies Aggressive Tendencies
Clear two consecutive sequences and use Eject, Disrupt, or Cleanse against an opponent in between.
Group Therapy Group Therapy
Score 4000+ on a song as a team.
Overachiever Overachiever
Get 100% Sequences Cleared on a song.
Imperturbable Imperturbable
Keep your streak and earn 100+ points through Disrupt.
Golden Child Golden Child
Get a triple gold bar rating on three different songs.
Synesthete Synesthete
Complete Dalatecht on any difficulty in Campaign mode.
Comprehensive Treatment Comprehensive Treatment
Complete a full 15-song Campaign on Intermediate difficulty or above.
Total Awareness Total Awareness
Unlock all songs.
Aggregate Results Aggregate Results
Get more than 45000 points on the overall leaderboard.
Super FreQ Out Super FreQ Out
Complete a song in FreQ mode on Super difficulty.
Luminary Luminary
Get a triple bar rating on all songs.
Fluid Intelligence Fluid Intelligence
Complete a 15-song campaign on Expert difficulty or above without failing, retrying, or quitting.
Closure Closure
Complete all songs on Super difficulty.