Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space Trophy List

Amazing Discoverer Amazing Discoverer
Seen and done it all
Experienced Explorer Experienced Explorer
Found 50% of the discoveries
Hello Ithaca! Hello Ithaca!
Finished ODYSSEY
The scenic route The scenic route
Finished ODYSSEY without taking shortcuts
Relaxing times Relaxing times
Finished VOYAGE
In need of a vacation In need of a vacation
Finished VOYAGE without taking shortcuts
Peace of Mind Peace of Mind
A secret sign A secret sign
Found a secret solar system
Asteroid Omelette Asteroid Omelette
Cracked open an asteroid to get the good stuff
Mechanic & Theif Mechanic & Theif
Repaired a space probe and drained energy from it
Mass to the masses Mass to the masses
Started a fashion trend
Oddjob Oddjob
Defended yourself using a M.A.D.
Serious sun surfing Serious sun surfing
Scanned a sun without taking damage
Take me to your leader Take me to your leader
Discovered all life forms
Outta Time Outta Time
Finished ODYSSEY in less than 20 game world minutes without using shortcuts