Alex Kidd in Miracle World Trophy List

Amazing Score Amazing Score
Collect all the items and finish the game.
Mission Complete Mission Complete
Clear every stage.
Boat Cruise Boat Cruise
Clear Stage 9 while on the Suisui Boat.
Copter Rider Copter Rider
Have a snack on the Petit-Copter!
Shameful Shameful
Lose rock-paper-scissors even while using a Telepathy Ball.
Petit-Copter Petit-Copter
Enjoy a sky cruise in the Petit-Copter.
Rockin' the Bike Rockin' the Bike
Ride through Stage 2 on the Sukopako Motorcycle.
Fists of Stone Fists of Stone
Break 300 blocks with your fists.
Octopus Sushi Octopus Sushi
Defeat both giant octopi.
A Brush with Death A Brush with Death
Outrun a ghost!
Tears of Regret Tears of Regret
Run out of lives in Janken's dungeon with less than $400.
Good Vibrations Good Vibrations
Freeze in fear from breaking a Skull Block.