Alekhine's Gun Trophy List

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Obtain all Trophies
Get 30 Headshots
Use Chloroform on 30 enemies
Perfect lockpicking attempt on a lock with at least 3 locking mechanisms
Perform a perfect rewiring during a sabotage puzzle
Garrote 30 enemies
Obtain all disguises in the game
Complete a level using one disguise or less
Complete all assassinations in a level using only accidents
Complete a Level without Killing except for assassination targets
Complete game without killing except for assassination targets
Obtain Ghost Ranking on a level
Obtain Maniac Ranking on a level
Hide 30 bodies
Complete a level without using instinct mode
Complete a level without using your gun
Level 1 Completed
Level 2 Completed
Level 3 Completed
Level 4 Completed
Level 5 Completed
Level 6 Completed
Level 7 Completed
Level 8 Completed
Level 9 Completed
Level 10 Completed
Level 11 Completed