Agarest: Generations of War Trophy List

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You've acquired all the trophies.
Cleared Generation 1.
Cleared Generation 2.
Saw the true ending.
Cleared the digest route.
Raise your AGI over 50!
Raise your VIT over 50!
Raise your STR over 50!
Raise your INT over 50!
Raise your LUK over 50!
Captured a monster.
Converted an item.
Nope, he did it again.
Defeated an opponent with an Overkill.
Overkilled 500 enemies.
Successfully executed a Special Art.
Successfully executed a distinctive Special Art.
Combined monsters.
Combine monsters 100 times.
Created a marionette.
Change your class. This takes a special item...
Changed Ellis's appearance.
You have visited the beach.
You have visited the hot springs.
You reached the end of a generation with at least one woman completely in love with you.
Went shopping 500 times.
Sold 1000 items.
You've defeated the monstrous Decimal.
Defeated the four types of hidden monsters.
Defeated 10,000 enemies.
Engaged in 2,500 battles.
Dealt 10,000,000 points of damage.
Try and get a hit count of 650.
Earned 25,000,000 G.
Earned 25,000,000 EP.
Earned 10,000 TP.
Enhanced items over 5,000 times.
Got your first title!
You have more than 100 titles.
You have all the titles. Good work!
Encountered the worst enemy.
Cleared all the hidden dungeons.
Unlocked all profiles.
Completed the monster picture book.