Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Pass the first Interrogation
Win your first fight against a higher level enemy
Inflict more than 1 bunk effect on to a single enemy
Buy your first item from the shop
Destroy 50 land destructibles
Destroy 250 land destructibles
Destroy 10 Sea destructibles
Fish out 25 items from the sea
Open 15 treasure chests
Get Finn to level 10
Get Jake to level 10
Get Marceline to level 10
Get BMO to level 10
Revive a hero
Use BMO's Analyze.exe
Complete your first side quest
Use a pirate lookout
Unlock a gate with BMO
Fall in to water more than 10 times
Free the caged Mushroom people
Win your first sea battle
Dock at all the islands
Use all the pirate lookouts
Beat the Mother Varmint in battle
Beat the Fire Giant in battle
Beat Fern in battle
Overskronk 4 enemies in a single battle
Beat 50 enemies in battle
Light all the braziers in the Fire Kingdom
Pull the plug!
Beat Uncle Gumbald in battle
Find the snail
Complete all side quests
Restore light to the treasure tree
Take all the penguins to the tree house