Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron Trophy List

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Collect all Aces of the Luftwaffe trophies!
Finish all levels of the Allied campaign on hard difficulty
Accomplish all extra missions of the Allied campaign at least once
Upgrade all abilities of the Allied squadron
Finish level 5-4 of the Allied campaign without any enemy surviving
Finish level 3-1 of the Allied campaign without causing any alert
Finish level 1-4 of the Allied campaign without receiving any damage
Defeat 5 different Aces of the Luftwaffe
Defeat 20 different enemy aircraft types
Finish Chapter 4 of the Allied Campaign
Finish the Allied Campaign
Unlock 5 new aircraft models for your pool
Burn down 1500 aircraft with the flamethrower power up
Destroy 200 aircraft with any laser power up
Destroy 35 enemies within 1 second
Destroy 125 aircraft by crashing into them
Repair 30000 hitpoints of your wingmen´s aircraft
1st Game Over
Shoot down 10000 aircraft.
Reach Squadron Level 30
Shoot down 700 aircraft with an active ability
Accomplish 20 Extra Missions
Survive a level without losing any wingmen
Discover and collect a hidden ugrade coin
Destroy 50 ground units