Ace Banana Trophy List

Field Guide Master! Field Guide Master!
Collect all the field guides
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Machine Mill! Machine Mill!
Finish Monkenstein
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Ninja Killer! Ninja Killer!
Finish Monkey Hanzo
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Vampire Hunter! Vampire Hunter!
Finish Moncula
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Demon Hunter! Demon Hunter!
Finish Ultimate Moncula
Banana Guardian! Banana Guardian!
Finish 50 monkeys
Banana Valiant! Banana Valiant!
Finish 500 monkeys
Banana Hero! Banana Hero!
Finish 1000 monkeys
Bounce Master! Bounce Master!
Finish 100 monkeys with bounce
Aerial Expert! Aerial Expert!
Finish 20 monkeys in air
Aerial Master! Aerial Master!
Finish 100 monkeys in air
Mobile Shooting Expert! Mobile Shooting Expert!
Finish monkey 5 times in flight
Mobile Shooting Master! Mobile Shooting Master!
Finish monkey 10 times in flight
Headshot Master! Headshot Master!
Headshot 100 monkeys
Strike Master! Strike Master!
Strike 100 monkeys
COMBO Expert! COMBO Expert!
Up to 20COMBO
COMBO Master! COMBO Master!
Up to 50COMBO
Dodge Expert! Dodge Expert!
Dodge enemy attack 20 times
Dodge Master! Dodge Master!
Dodge enemy attack 50 times
Banana Trainer! Banana Trainer!
Educate 20 characters