Abo Khashem Trophy List

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The only trophy that truly counts
Beat the game on Normal difficulty or higher
Beat the game on Hard difficulty or higher
Beat the game on Nightmare
Own 100% of Torrid
Beat Khonsu, The Guardian
Get killed by a car
Reach streak 50 in the Shukman Mini-game
Find all 50 Influence Points
Open 250 chest boxes in Abo Khashem
Purchase a racecar
Have a commercial shop with 100% management, 100% security, and staffed entirely with golden stars
Reach 100% popularity in the Business Simulator
Reach 0% popularity in the Business Simulator
Purchase the Sons of Adam citadel
Max out all skills in the Shukman Mini-game
Find a epic-quality item in the Shukman Mini-game
Complete a dungeon from start to finish in less than 4 minutes
Defeat 500 cats in the Cat World
Save 100 alpha cats
Obtain Osiris's Heirloom
Own every vehicle available in Abo Khashem
Save 500 cats
Win a race around New Circle Road in less than 1:18
Hit an enemy for over 999 damage
Own every available combo
Reach level 60
Equip a legendary item
Equip a legendary item in all available slots
Reach streak 100 in the Cat World
Complete 50 side quests
Have a phone contact love you!
Have a phone contact hate you!
Try to kill Shukman in his hospital bed, like a psychopath...
Own 100 different pieces of furniture
Collect exactly 1 SAR from the floating money in the Bussiness Simulator
Defeat a boss without attacking
Successfully overtake an SOA building with a defense level of 10
Beat the game on any difficulty