Aaru's Awakening Trophy List

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The champion who sneaks is often more ambitious than the one who leaps.
All of day’s caves propose great risks, but not for you, for you know them like your fingernails.
Some are afraid of roundhouse kicks, although everyone is afraid of you, for you have mastered the jab.
Your body was stuck and slowed down. Your mind however was always already in the night domain.
Slapped by giant tongues, thrown off by goowalking snails, who cares. You have the silver dusk trophy!
You could eat goo for breakfast. Dusk’s tentacles seem to cover you and throw you into the right direction. Are you a Dusk local?
Some living people are still afraid of the dark, but like you, they survived last night!
“BLEEEERQHH!” and “oooHHooo!” no longer shed you, maybe it’s just kind of cute?
Aaru’s Awakening. You are now also awake, seeing that what may have seemed good your whole life, may actually be a force of suffering.
In Dawn, bronze is more than most can achieve, congratulations!
In ancient Rome, the people would call you Caesar!
They say only demigods can hold the Dawn gold trophy.
You traveled through the four domains, defeated your own master and spawned a new world!
Like the silver fox, you accept any challenge presented to you.
Watch out, the gold diggers are coming for you, for you have all the gold in the world!