A Rose in the Twilight Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies!
Complete Time Attack within 1:20:00.
Obtain all Blood Memories.
Die 100 times.
Obtain all the collections.
Complete Time Attack within 1:50:00.
Defeat Blanc.
Obtain 10 Blood Memories.
Complete Time Attack for Clock Tower Upper Level within 1:50.
Giant jumps off from the highest point in the castle.
Rescue Rose after she is taken.
Clear Path to Abyss.
Clear Path to Abyss 1 without touching any mushrooms.
Clear Clock Tower.
Clear Library.
Watch the moon from somewhere in the castle.
Die 30 times.
Clear Time Attack within 2:40:00.
Obtain 5 Blood Memories.
Clear Time Attack for Path to Abyss 2 within 2:10.
Throw Rose 100 times.
Giant kills Rose by throwing her.
Watch the last moments of a beast.
Perform a nice shot with Rose at Courtyard 4.
Clear Courtyard.
Clear Armory.
Clear Dungeon.
Die 10 times.