911 Operator Trophy List

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Awarded for reaching high experience level (any team member).
Awarded for gaining 100 reputation points in one duty.
Awarded for resolving 50 fire or technical cases.
Awarded for saving 50 people by driving them to hospital.
Awarded after finishing the training.
Awarded for saving life by giving proper first aid instructions.
Awarded for finishing the campaign.
Awarded for a long service (30 duties).
Awarded for finishing 3 duties in a row without any death or major mistakes(more than -3 reputation).
Awarded for a sense of humor ;)
Awarded to those wounded or killed while serving.
Awarded for resolving a case despite death of your team member.
Awarded for keeping the roads safe (Resolve 50 driving reports).
Awarded for special tactical skills (gather 3 police teams before shooting starts).