7'scarlet Trophy List

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Obtained every trophy.
Started Hino Kagutsuchi's route.
Started Isora Amari's route.
Started Toa Kushinada's route.
Started Sosuke Tatehira's route.
Started Yuzuki Murakumo's route.
Started Toa Kushinada's true route.
Started Hanate Yatsukami's route.
Got Hino Kagutsuchi's happy ending.
Got Isora Amari's happy ending.
Got Toa Kushinada's happy ending.
Got Sosuke Tatehira's happy ending.
Got Yuzuki Murakumo's happy ending.
Got Toa Kushinada's true route happy ending.
Got every happy ending.
Got all of Hino Kagutsuchi's CGs.
Got all of Isora Amari's CGs.
Got all of Toa Kushinada's CGs.
Got all of Sosuke Tatehira's CGs.
Got all of Yuzuki Murakumo's CGs.
Got all of Hanate Yatsukami's CGs.
Got every CG.