2Dark Trophy List

Explorer Explorer
You have taken over 10,000 steps in Gloomywood.
Nosey Nosey
You have found all the lists of the backers of 2Dark.
Cautious Cautious
You remained concealed in the dark for more than two minutes.
Non-smoker Non-smoker
You finished a level without saving.
Non-violent Non-violent
You finished the level without firing a single shot.
Unexpected allies Unexpected allies
The circus lions took care of Antonio Petronelli for you.
Greedy Greedy
You found all the pink candies in the whole game.
Animal lover Animal lover
You finally fed that cat!
Pool hall king Pool hall king
You scored over 10 points playing pool.
Assassin Assassin
You attacked one of the first enemies from behind and eliminated them.
Patient Patient
You saved all the children in a level in one go!
Heavy smoker Heavy smoker
You smoked too much, it's bad!
"Catherine de Médicis" Award
A boss was poisoned!
Gas maniac Gas maniac
A boss was asphyxiated!
Sausage lover Sausage lover
A boss was cut into slices!