20XX Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies for 20XX.
Complete the game with High Tide, Marathon, Wrath, Undying, and Destiny active.
Complete the game with Wrath, Undying, Furor, and Swarm active.
Complete the game with Wrath, Famine, Marathon, and Toxin active.
Complete the game with Final Destination active.
With the High Tide Skull on, complete the game without taking any maximum health increases.
Complete the game with the starting Primary and no Powers.
Complete a Daily Hardcore Challenge.
Complete the game with 1 maximum HP or less.
Complete the game with at least 3 Prototype Augs and no System Restore.
Complete the game with Rock and Purist active.
Complete the game with Marathon, Famine, and Bankruptcy active.
Complete the game within 28 minutes.
On Level 8, defeat all four Rollsters within three seconds of each other.
On Level 8, defeat Death Lotus with all spawn points occupied.
On Level 8, defeat both Astrals with falling platforms.
On Level 8, defeat 50 Flapps and Eternal Star within two seconds using Force Nova.
On Level 8, survive for 60 seconds without taking damage during The Perforator fight.
On Level 8, defeat Vile Visage by breaking his horn, then only using basic attacks.
On Level 8, defeat Kur with one steady stream of Vera bullets.
On Level 8, defeat Shatterbeak without allowing him to use any abilities.
Complete level 4.
Complete level 8.
Complete the game.
Deliver a boss' killing blow with its weakness.
Complete a Rush Job.
Complete a Core set.
Complete a Daily Challenge.
Complete the game, succeeding every Glory Zone.