2013: Infected Wars Trophy List

The Ironman The Ironman
Complete the campaign in ironman mode
Flawless Lazy-eye Flawless Lazy-eye
Avoid all damage from Lazy-eye
Flawless Imrod Flawless Imrod
Avoid all damage from Imrod
Class Master Class Master
Achieve level 7 in any class
Petty Station Petty Station
Complete Mission 1: Petty Station
Dark Tunnels Dark Tunnels
Complete Mission 2: Dark Tunnels
Escape Escape
Complete Mission 3: Escape
Petty's Patties Petty's Patties
Complete Mission 4: Petty's Patties
Quarantine Quarantine
Complete Mission 5: Quarantine
Everything Must Go Everything Must Go
Complete Mission 6: Everything Must Go
Gun Run Gun Run
Complete Mission 7: Gun Run
Hardwell Park Hardwell Park
Complete Mission 8: Hardwell Park