11-11: MEMORIES RETOLD Trophy List

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Get all trophies
Find all the collectibles
Complete Part I
Complete Part II
Complete Part III
Go home to Julia
Choose to go and save Kurt
Unlock the betrayal ending
Unlock the sacrifice ending
Unlock the revenge ending
Unlock the grudge ending
Unlock the lone avenger ending
Unlock the forgiven ending
Unlock the peace ending
Find all the collectibles from Part III
Find all the collectibles from Part II
Find all the collectibles from Part I
Avoid all the mines
Do business with Joe
Explore Julia's Room
Use one of the lifts on Vimy Ridge
Take a picture of Lotty in Vimy trenches
Send two pictures to Julia
Take a picture of Kurt in "The Collapse"
Perform all moves in the Dance sequence
As Lotty, comfort the soldier under the tree
Finish Vimy battle without dying
Use all your photographic film in one chapter
Find all missing boys from your village.
Help Daniel in Passchendaele
Cut the gas in Passchendaele
Get out of the church of Passchendaele
Win the card game against the old ladies in Kurt's village
Give some chocolate to a german soldier
See all the credits
Take all the apples back to Lucie
Purr with Lotty
Cut the german communication
Win all card games
Pull the cart of crosses in the cemetery
Score with the hidden football in Paris
Save Lothar
Catch a rat in the tunnels
Find the hidden food stash in the tunnels
Kick the football in the POW camp
Bring all four wood pieces to the oven
Threaten the soldier three times to learn the truth
Collide with 20 ghosts or more
Don't collide with any ghosts
Listen to Barrett's tearful account of the lives lost under his command
Take a photo of the rifle on Kurt's kitchen wall in "The Pursuit", fire the same gun in "Peace"