101 Ways to Die Trophy List

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Unlock all other Trophies
Complete the Training Laboratories
Complete a Basement Laboratory
Kill your first Splatt
Claim your first 50 victims
Spill 1000 litres of blood
Flatten 50 Splatts with a Boulder
Claim your first 101 kills
Claim your first 1000 kills
Complete all Basement Laboratories
Complete all Control Room Laboratories
Complete all Bio Zone Laboratories
Complete all Sector Zero Laboratories
Complete all Laboratories
Discover your first WTD
Discover 10 WTDs
Discover 50 WTDs
Discover all 101 WTDs
Perform your first combo
Achieve a x4 combo
Complete all Graduate and Master Objectives in a Laboratory
Achieve a three star rating for all Laboratories in any zone
Achieve a three star rating for all Laboratories in every zone
Achieve your first three star rating
Amass 100 Stars
Kill 50 Splatts with the Cannon
100 Splatts impaled on Spikes
50 Splatts killed in a Lava Pit
Kill a Tank, Alpha and Rapid within one second
Kill a Splatt whilst it's stunned
10 Cakes completely consumed