Thief Town Trophy List

Chief Town Chief Town
Obtain all trophies
Take a Stab At It Take a Stab At It
Start your first game
Stealth Kill Stealth Kill
Stab a player while inside a smoke bomb
Nice Try Nice Try
Stab a player pretending to be dead
Hi-Knive! Hi-Knive!
Clash knives with another player 5 times in a row
I Am the Law I Am the Law
Kill 3 drunk players in one shot
Stabtacular! Stabtacular!
Stab 100 thieves
Stabsational!! Stabsational!!
Stab 500 thieves
Baby Thief Baby Thief
Play 5 full games
Handsome Thief Handsome Thief
Play 25 full games
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Weed Kills Weed Kills
Get crushed by an adult tumbleweed
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
I Think You've Had Enough I Think You've Had Enough
Fall flat on your face
Ken Gilcrest Ken Gilcrest
Name 100 thieves