Tokyo Jungle Trophy Guide

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Tokyo Jungle is a unique survival game that puts you in the position of a wild animal fighting for survival. The trophies aren't difficult at all and they aren't so grindy the game feels repetetive, the only downside is there is no platinum trophy. There's no multiplayer and if you focus on the trophy list you can easily 100% the game in a day, making it a great addition to any trophy hunters list.

World Debut is the only online trophy in the game, but it only tasks you to achieve an online ranking. As of May 5, 2018 the servers are still up and the trophy is still obtainable. 

  • Author : Yokaifamily26
  • Time To 100% : 25 Hours
  • Difficulty : 4/10
  • Online Trophies : 1/13
  • Offline Trophies : 12/13
  • Num Playthroughs : 1+

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Step 1: Tutorial and Story

Like most games it's best to start with the tutorial and story. The tutorial is as basic as tutorials come, and the "story" isn't much of a story as much as it is an extrended tutorial. Simply complete these to earn the following trophies:

pstbronzeJungle Baby
pstbronzeMaster of Shibuya
pstsilverTokyo Jungle

Step 2: Survival

Now that's mostly it. All that is left at this point are the survival trophies, which are for the most part extremely easy to accomplish. The only one's that are challenging are pstsilverCan-do Creature and pstgoldKing of the Jungle. In this stage you will earn:

pstbronzeFirst Hunt
pstbronzeFirst Mate
pstbronzeWorld Debut
pstbronzeFurry Fasionista
pstbronzeJungle Boy
pstsilverCan-Do Creature
pstsilverJungle Man
pstgoldKing of the Jungle

Survive 100 years in SURVIVAL.
Requires you to grind a trivial task
Part of tiered trophy set

This trophy isn't as bad as it might sound at first, and there are two other trophies you can earn along the way. The first few times you try going for this you might die at 50 or 80 years, but once you get the hang of it you can easily  make it to 100 years. There are a few tips and tricks to remember to make your game smoother:

  • Play in Co-op. Make sure one person is a carnivore and the other a herbivore this way you both can have ample food supplies.
  • Conserve your food.
  • Steer clear of enemies unless you need to eat them. There's no point in risking your life for a fun kill.
  • If you're in a pack it's okay for some members to starve to death. Wait until your last member is alive then mate, this way you can stall a couple extra years.
  • At the 70 year mark dinosaurs appear.
  • If you beat the campaign then you can just play as the robot dog (or you can buy the DLC). The robot dog doesn't (and can't) need to mate, meaning you won't need to worry about dying of old age. You can go to Yoyogi Underground and go back and forth between the top two water sources for the easiest, albeit most boring, method for this trophy.
Complete STORY and view the true ending.
Story Related
Boss Fight

Once on the final mission (act 14) you will be promted to "Enter a storage device" and given the options of "yes" or "no". If you say "Yes" then the game ends but you WILL NOT get this trophy. If you choose "No" you will have to fight the final boss after which the true ending will play and you will earn the trophy.

In short: choose no when asked to enter the storage device.

Survive 45 years in SURVIVAL.
Part of tiered trophy set

See pstgoldKing of the Jungle

Finish all challenges in single playthrough.
This trophy is part of a side quest

Challenges for the most part are random, however you will be alerted whenever one appears. You can also look HERE for more info on the types of challenges.

Complete "The Return of the Tosas."
Story Related
Boss Fight
This trophy cant be missed

The Return of the Tosas is the 12th mission in the game. There's not much help that can be given other than deal with each enemy one on one and fight them on your terms. You can inch your way into an AI's detection radius so that only one or two enemies will notice you at a time, then let them chase you until you're all alone, allowing each fight to be a bit easier than if the enemies ganged up on you.

Complete "Shattered Pride."
Story Related
This trophy cant be missed

Shattered Pride is Act 5. This level is nothing but you being forced to run from a pack of beagles. There is no fighting (in fact fighting is disabled), you just need to focus on running and not getting hit at all, as you start off with much of your health missing. The easiest way to avoid getting hit is to constantly jump. Just jump whenever a beagle comes near you and you should dodge most of their swipes.

Survive 30 years in SURVIVAL.
Part of tiered trophy set

See pstgoldKing of the Jungle

Survive for 10 generations in SURVIVAL.

You "suvive a generation" each time you mate. All you have to do for this trophy is mate 10 times. See pstbronzeFirst Mate for more details.

Wear a complete series of clothing.

There are 104 total outfit pieces, however you only need to equip a single set for this trophy (pet series, beastly, hi-tech, etc.) Here is the wiki page showing all 104 outfits. Some are DLC but most are obtainable from within the game itself.

The easiest set to complete is the pet series. All you have to do is complete each E, D, C, and B challenge as the pomeranian. It is also entirely possible to get each piece of this outfit via random drop, so you could get this outfit (or a seperate complete set) simply by playing the game.

Complete the tutorial.
Story Related
This trophy cant be missed

You're actually forced to play the tutorial before the actual game, but it is short and simple, and the game walks you through the steps and controls of how it's played. There are five missions in the tutorial, each takes only a minute or two to complete:

  1. Stealth
  2. Hunting
  3. Combat
  4. Grazers
  5. Territory and Breeding
Enter the online rankings.
This trophy cant be missed

As long as you are connected to the playstation network, as soon as you die in survival mode your score will automatically be posted onto the leaderboards and you'll automatically get this trophy.

Mate with a female in SURVIVAL.
This trophy cant be missed

In order to mate you must first get your kcal or "weight" up by eating plants or other animals (depending on what animal you are), then capture each checkpoint in an area. While patrolling that area you should notice other animals of your species with hearts around them, go up to them and once interacted with, they should begin to follow you. Lead them back to a nest and once by a nest you can press pscircle to mate. This is all taught in the fifth mission of the tutorial, so if you need more help you can always go back and replay that mission.

Defeat an animal in SURVIVAL.
Kill Count Trophy
This trophy cant be missed

Simply kill an animal. This will happen naturally while playing as a predator.