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This game is a total walk in the park for a trophy hunter looking for an easy platinum trophy. This game is around 30 mins long. You can beat the game in a single run. The collectable trophies are missable and there is no chapter select, but if you follow the guide you shouldn't miss any. The game is only 30 mins. If you do miss something, it isn’t a big deal to go back and get it.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : Less than an hour
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online Trophies : 0/20
  • Offline Trophies : 20/20
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Missable Trophies: Love letterStories toldA lady's hatAbandoned GloveForgotten valiseMoonNine of spadesBlue horseTreeSummer CloudMemento Nubla

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

This game is a cakewalk. Even though i have gone to the effort of adding a guide for each trophy below, I HIGHLY suggest you just follow the video guide below. It will make things so much easier. This 30 minute video will show you where to find all of the collectables and how to solve all of the puzzles in order to get the platinum in both Nubla and World of Nubla, which are both the exact same game.

You have been awarded the platinum trophy.
Love letter
François Clouet. The Love Letter. 1570.
Chapter 4
After the elephant lifts you up to the house, walk inside. As soon as you walk into the house, walk back toward the door and a letter will drop.
Stories told
Domenico Ghirlandaio. Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni 1489-1490.
Chapter 2

This book will spawn right in front of your feet during this chapter. It is impossible for you not to notice it.
A lady's hat
Hans Baldung Grien. Portrait of a Woman. 1530.
Chapter 1

During this chapter you will need to getch a helmet for a character in a painting. Make your way down until you get to a drop on the far left. There will be a window just above this drop. Jump across and make sure you cross this window and a hat will fall out of it.
Abandoned Glove
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Yvette Guilbert. 1893.
Chapter 3

Walk all the way to the right until you get to the broken clock. Underneath where you stand there is a cavity. Crawl under here and the collectable will spawn.
Forgotten valise
Edward Hopper. Hotel Room. 1931.
Chapter 3

As you are looking for pieces of the clock to solve the puzzle, you will end up going through a door which puts you inside a bedroom. Open the window to flood the room and once you are up high enough, jump to the shelf on the left to spawn the collectable.
Max Ernst. Solitary and Conjugal Trees. 1940.
Chapter 2

At the start of this chapter, grab the rock in front of you and pull it back until it is underneath the moon. Jump on the rock and then up to the moon. It will fall down and you will get the trophy when you pick it up.
Nine of spades
Balthus. The Card Game. 1948-1950.
Chapter 1

This is another one that is hard to miss since the card will spawn right in front of you. Near the very start of this chapter, you will be simply walking down a hallway and the card will drop out of thin air.
Blue horse
Franz Marc. The Dream. 1912.
Chapter 4

This is at the very start of chapter 4. There will be a floating rock in front of you where a little white sperm looking thing was chilling out. Jump up to where he was and the horse collectable will fall down.
René Magritte. La Clef des champs. 1936.
Chapter 2

After you have repaired the mirror you will be in a new room where you must walk up some steps. Rather than walk up the steps, teleport underneath them. The collectable will spawn under here.
Summer Cloud
Emil Nolde. Summer Clouds. 1913.
Chapter 2

After you have collected the moon collectable progress forward and you will get to an area that has 2 movable rocks with a floating platform between them. Move a rock so that you can jump onto the floating platform and a cloud will appear.
Memento Nubla
You have completed every drawing of the Museum.
You will get this automatically after you obtain all other collectables. There are 10 of them in total and there is a trophy for each one which makes them easy to track.
Whispers in the dark
You have taken your first step into this strange Museum.
Story Related
You will get this at the start of the game.
Bring us the light
You have brought back the light to the world of Nubla.
Story Related
Near the start of the game you will get to a puzzle where there are colored circles that make sounds. You will need to interact with them in the correct order so that they make a sound.
The Woods of Vanished Faces
You have walked through the trees that whisper stories.
Story Related
Will unlock once you enter the painting for chapter 2.
The Blue City
You have discovered what the Blue City hides.
Story Related
Will unlock once you enter the painting for chapter 3.
You have reached the place where Nubla awaits.
Story Related
Will unlock once you enter the painting for chapter 4.
The ascent
You have entered the Rotating House.
Story Related
After you are lifted up by the elephant to a house. Walk inside.
The alpine hill
You are taking your first steps in a new world.
Story Related
Once you enter the house in Chapter 4, this will unlock.
The End
Congratulations! You have completed Nubla Part One.
Story Related
This will unlock once a fairly long credits sequence has finished.