Table Top Racing: World Tour Trophy Guide

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Table Top Racing: World Tour is a nice entry level racing game with a very simple trophy list. The game is like a modern day throw back to playing Micro Machines games on the original Playstation. The platinum can be obtained very easily, and is even easier if you boost the online trophies with a friend.

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 10 - 15 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 3
  • Offline Trophies : 28
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Getting the platinum trophy in Table Top Racing: World Tour is a walk in the park. None of the trophies are missable and all of the championship events, including the expert difficulty ones are still incredibly simple. The only thing that might cause you some trouble is finding a boosting partner for the multiplayer and getting the 1 million point drift. Overall it will be very easy to platiny this game.

Start by playing through the championships for all 3 classes of cars. Don't worry too much about getting 1st place in every race. Once you complete a championship you can go back and play any race with any class of car. Will be much easier to come first if you are using a super car in the cult classic races. Completing all of these championships will also allow you to win a lot of coins. You will need a lot of coins before starting the special events, so try and get all of the championships out of the way first.

Once you have completed all of the championships, start working on the special events. Most of these are very easy, but will require you to spend a lot of coins. Each special race will have a specific car that you need to use. You will need to buy it if you do not have it already and it will help to upgrade this car in order to give yourself the best chance to complete the race. Most of these special events are quite simple, but the drifting events in the super car class are tough. The first race is doable, but the second one requires you to get 1 million points which is not so easy. There is a glitch that lets you do doughnuts in order to get the drift points, but it has since been patched. You could attempt to downgrade the game, but it may not work for you.

After completing all of the special events you should have found most of the coins. If not use the guide below to find all of the remaining coins.

All that should be left are the 3 multiplayer trophies. These are quite hard as the multiplayer is buggy and isn't much fun. If you can find a friend to boost with it will make this much easier to obtain.

Unlock all Trophies

Collect all other trophies and this will automatically unlock.

Purchase your 1st car!

This will unlock during the tutorial. You must purchase a car in order to start playing the game.

Purchase all original Cult Classics

There are 4 different cars to purchase in this category. Once you get toward the end of the game, the cost of going back and purchasing these cars will be very cheap. It is best to wait until then to do this.

Purchase a Street Racer

As part of the main progression of all of the championships, you will eventually need to buy a street racer in order to continue.

Purchase all original Street Racers

There are also 4 cars to purchase here. The cost is a lot more expensive than the cult classics and even toward the end of the game, the cost of purchasing the remaining 3 will be quite a bit. You are better off saving your money for other things and only purchasing the cars when you need them.

Purchase a Supercar

This will come once you have completed the cult classic and street racer championship events. You will need to purchase a supercar in order to continue.

Purchase all original Supercars

This will cost a lot of coins. There is no real advantage in having all 4, so I would highly recommend you save all of your money to buy other things and only purchase the cars when you need to.

Win your 1st Championship event!

This will come once you complete the first cult classic championship.

Win every original Championship event!

There are a total of 6 championships to complete to get this trophy. 2 championships for each of the 3 different cat categories. Complete them all to get this trophy.

Complete your 1st Special Event!

From the main manu you will be able to go into special events. Complete one of these to get this trophy.

Win every original Special Event!

Special events are just like events that you find in the championship races. The only thing you will typically find is that the difficulty level has risen. The vast majority of the events will be pretty simple to get 3 stars in, but there are some drifting events that are a little more challenging. The final drift event in the super car special events will require you to get 1 million points in 90 seconds. This is the most difficult event in the game and will take a lot of work to complete. There is a doughnut glitch that has since been patched. This glitch would involve doing a doughnut and building up 1 million points very easily. If you want to attempt this you can try to delete your game data, but most people will be stuck having to do this legitimately.

In order to get the best drifting score you will need to make sure your car has the lowest possible handling. You can tune your car from the garage menu, which will let you downgrade some of the stats that you have already upgraded. There is no multiplier, but the longer the drift the faster the points accumulate. For example, it may take 10 seconds to get 10k points, it might take another 10 seconds of drifting to get 50k points and then another 10 seconds to get 200k points. 1 second of drifting will earn a lot more points after 30 seconds than it does after 5 seconds. The drift challenge to get 1 million points is hard and will take a lot of work. You will need to complete a large amount of the time in a single drift in order to rack up enough points to get the record.

If you are really having a lot of trouble getting 1 million, you can attempt to downgrade your game by re-downloading from the store and not installing the patch. This may let you perform the doughnut glitch.

Win gold trophies on all original championships.

There are 6 championships in total. Its pretty easy to get full stars in every race, first time around, but if you do not come first, dont worry about it. As long as you come at least 3rd in every race, wait until later to go back to try again. Once you beat a championship you will be able to go back and replay the championship using any car from any class. This means you can use a super car in a cult classic race. This will of course make the races very easy to complete. Remember to upgrade your char in the garage to improve the performance of the vehicle. Using the Centurion wheels will help you a lot since it wil take out any rival cars that come close to you.

Win all the original Cult Classics Championships

There are 2 cult classic championship events that you must complete to get this trophy.

Win all the original Street Racers Championships

There are 2 championship events that you need to complete to get this trophy. It will come as you progress though the main championship path.

Win all the original Supercars Championships

There are 2 championship events that you need to complete to get this trophy. It will come as you progress though the main championship path.

Use an EMP to block an incoming Missile

This is best done with a friend as it can be very difficult to do in a regular game. Most AI enemies are dosile and rarely attack you, when they do it's hard to actually have an EMP ready. Doing it online with a friend will make it a lot easier.

Upgrade a car

Buy an upgrade for any car to get this trophy.

Fully upgrade all Cult Classics

There are 4 cars to purchase and each of these 4 cars will need to be fully upgraded. This will be very easy to get once you have gotten to the supercar level as the cost for upgrading the cult classics is very cheap.

Fully upgrade all Street Racers

There are 4 cars to purchase and each of these 4 cars will need to be fully upgraded.

Fully upgrade all Supercars

There are 4 cars to purchase and each of these 4 cars will need to be fully upgraded. This gets quite expensive as the 4 super cars are very expensive to begin with.

Fully upgrade a car

This will unlock after you purchase all of the upgrades for a single car.

Purchase your 1st wheel upgrade

There are a few different wheel upgrades. The Centurion wheels are really handy to have and will probably be the best wheels to buy first to get you through some of the harder races when you cant afford car upgrades.

Purchase all wheel upgrades

There are a few different wheel upgrades to purchase which can be bought from the garage. Most of the wheels also have other trophies tied to them, so it's good to get them. The bounce wheels are expensive, but will also allow you to get a lot of coins that can not be otherwise obtained, so the bounce wheels more than pay for themselves.

Spread some love in a race with a Peace Bomb

The peace bomb is a power unlocked from the peace bomb wheels. Once you purchase and equip these wheels, start a game and press square to trigger the peace bomb and get the trophy.

Hit all opponents with Centurion wheels

This is easier than it seems. The centurion wheels can usually hit around 4 cars before needing a recharge. Crash into all of the other cars on a track to get this trophy. You will know that the enemy is hit as the car will catch fire and smoke will come out when you crash into them with these wheels.

Collect all the hidden Bronze coins

Most of the bronze coins are easy to find. Each coin is worth 10k coins to spend in the garage. See "Gold Standard" for more.

Collect all the hidden Silver coins

Silver coins are a little more difficult to find, but most are pretty easy to get once you have unlocked the ability to overcharge weapons. See "Gold Standard" for more.

Collect all the hidden Gold coins

There are coins hidden all over every track. Gold coins are usually the hardest ones to find and even after you find them can be quite difficult to actually obtain. Sometimes you may see a coin, but due to the layout of the track will not be able to obtain it. There is nothing you can do here but wait until you are playing on a layout where you can obtain the coin. The video guide below will help you find all of the coins, but most of them are very easy to find. Once you have the ability to overcharge weapons and blow up the items highlighted with a pink glow you will be able to get a lot more coins that you couldnt get before. Some coins will require you to have the bounce wheels.

Complete your 1st Multiplayer race

Simply complete a race in the online multiplayer

Win your 1st Multiplayer Race

Win one online race. See "Crush Your Enemies!" for more.

Win 20 Multiplayer Races

Winning 20 races is not particularly easy due to the buggyness of the online multiplayer. From my experience a lot of people play long races of 10 laps which makes this even more annoying to obtain. Since the AI is so passive in this game, you are not in any way prepared for the multiplayer and will likely suck a lot at this while you get the hang of playing against people. The bugs will most definitely turn you off putting any amount of time.

Boosting this trophy is the best thing to do. Get a friend and let them win 20 games then they will let you win 20 games. It will save a lot of the grief that you will encounter trying to get this naturally.

Tropical Ice Pack DLC

Get 3 stars in all 'Tropical Ice' events.
Collect all the hidden coins on Yellowsnow Piste.
Collect all the hidden coins on Life's A Beach.
Overtake 500 cars in Overtake Mode.
Pass through 500 checkpoints.
Hit 4 cars with a single Frostbite in Yellowsnow Piste.