Men In Black: Alien Crisis Trophy Guide

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  • Author : young_hasings
  • Time To 100% : 7 - 10 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0
  • Offline Trophies : 30
  • Num Playthroughs : 2

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Men in Black: Alien Crisis is one seriously easy platinum and the game itself isnt exactly terrible, but it isnt great either. To start with the guide, simply play through the game once on normal difficulty. This will get you most of the trophies without even trying. Take note of the trophies that involve getting kills with specific weapons and powers. All are very easy to get so make sure you use each weapon enough to get the trophy. By the time you beat the game you will only have a couple of trophies left to get along with the elite difficulty trophy.

Once you have completed the game on normal difficulty, go to the extras menu and change the difficulty to elite. Start the game again from chapter one and play through the entire game again. There is almost no difference between normal and elite other than the boss fights which are now way cheaper then before. You should get through the game without a hitch now what you have upgraded most of your weapons and also know the ropes. The only part that will throw you is the final boss. See the trophy guide for "High Standards" for more information on the easy way to kill her.

Once you have completed both playthroughs of the game you need to complete the coop missions. These are usually around 2 minutes long each and boring as hell. The good news is you cant die so its just a matter of grinding through them all. You will need to have a second controller of some form that can join the game as player 2. Since this game is railroaded, player 2 will move around without you having to control it. Be very careful with these as they recycle images for the maps. Its very easy to loose track of which ones you have beaten already and end up doing the same one twice.

Unlock all trophies in game

Will unlock when you get all other trophies.

Defeat Adorian Elite Guard in Story Mode

You cannot miss this as its part of the story.

Dodge the mines placed by Nethera in Story Mode

This trophy is really annoying as it can be difficult to know sometimes if you have dodged them all and you need to complete the chapter to find out if you got the trophy or not. This trophy can be unlocked during the second section of chapter 7. You will be flying the car and Nethera will be flying in front of you dropping the mines. The mines show up as a purple electricity wire floating in your path. There will be 3 separate stages where you need to dodge these mines. With a bit of practice you can easily get this done, but like i said above, it is very difficult to know with all the crap that is going on whether you got hit at all and if you did get hit was it a mine or an enemy?

The following video guide will help you out with the patterns, but this should come after a few attempts.

Defeat 40 bikers in Story Mode

See the trophy guide for Own the Road for more information. This trophy should come naturally.

Defeat 70 bikers in Story Mode

This should come naturally. You will encounter the bikes during the car scenes. Shoot all of the enemies that are attacking you. These are the biker enemies. Should get this on your first playthrough without much effort. 

Destroy 3 enemy platforms in Story Mode

During the car chase scenes you will be attacked by bikers and other larger platforms that have enemies on them. Usually I just destroy these with in one go and kill all the enemis standing on it. You simply need to destroy 3 of these.

Achieve a 25x multiplier in a Story Mode

By the time you have upgraded your powers and have gotten the hang of things, you should be getting multipliers in the 80+ region. This is a hard one not to get. If you get hit you will lose some multiplier. Get fancy kills and ou get +1. You will get +0.1 each time you hit an enemy. Should come naturally as you progress.

Neuralize 7 humans in Story Mode

You neutralize humans at the end of chapter. You do this by capturing the humans in bubbles throughout the chapter. At the end of the chapter you neutralize all of the enemies you caught in the bubble. Its worth capturing them as they get in the way and if they bounce of the enemy its insta kill so very handy to do this. You will get this on your first playthrough if you bubble all the enemies you see.

Escape Serleena’s drag attack

This boss fight can be quite tricky at the start as it seems that Serleenas final attack cant be dodged. If you are stuck here use the following guide to kill her You will get this trophy when she grabs you and attempts to eat you. You will need to shoot one of the leafs on her mouth and she will drop you to the ground. You will get the trophy after this.

Successfully finish the Virtual Reality training program in Story Mode
Story Related

This will come as part of the story. You wont be able to miss this trophy.

Crash Chauncey’s party in Story Mode
Story Related

This will come as part of the story. You wont be able to miss this trophy.

Defeat Nakkadan Elite Guard in Story Mode
Story Related

This will come as part of the story. You wont be able to miss this trophy.

Scan 2 hidden aliens in Story Mode

This one is easy to get but easy to miss. You can scan humans by pressing triangle at any point and it will show the alien inside. You will likely have found the first alien during that crappy excuse for a pool party. There will be a man standing by the door dressed as a waiter. When scanned you will find he is an alien. Alien humans will glow red when scanned. The second can be found during the final scene of chapter 7 on your way to the fountain. There will be 3 humans and one will break out of its skin and turn into an alien. The middle human is the one you need to scan. If you fail to scan him in time just restart and it will bring you right back to before he transforms into an alien.

Defeat enemies using 10 different combos

There are no kill combos, it means a combination of guns and power ups. There are a huge number of combinations so this is hard to miss. You should get this one as you try to get the kills with all the weapons. Should get this during your first playthrough.

Don't be detected while flying the car
Story Related

When flying the car you will see an aliens head in the bottom left. If this fills up you are detected. This is a story mission and you must remain undetectd to pass it. It's simple to do this and you should get it first time around.

Start playing in Story Mode
Story Related

Simply start the story for the first time.

Achieve at least 150,000 points in one V.R. Mission

See the trophy guide for Conqueror for more information.

Achieve at least 200,000 points in one V.R. Mission

See the trophy guide for Conqueror for more information.

Achieve at least 300,000 points in one V.R. Mission

Its very easy to get a score thats in the 10s of millions.  You should get this while playing your first VR mission, especially if you wait until the end to play them. Get the highest combo you can to increase the score. Its hard not to hit 1 million during a mission.

Complete all the Competitive maps in V.R. Missions

This one is boring and annoying to do. You will need to get 2 controllers in order to beat all the split screen missions. You can use any controller so long as it lets you register the second player. Since this is railroaded, player 2 will walk around on his own, just like your character. Simply complete all the missions to get the trophy.

The game recycles the same images for 2 missions so its easy to loose track of which ones you have completed. There are 2 missions on each map that need to be completed. Mark off each map as you do it because the game does not track which ones you have completed.

Here are the 12 missions that you need to complete

  • Central Park Assault
  • Museum Mayhem
  • Underground Attack
  • New Mexico Fighting
  • Alien Ship Fuss
  • Street Riots
  • Fountain Barrage
  • Museum Invasion
  • Underground Offensive
  • New Mexico Raid
  • Alien Ship Ambush
  • Street Intervention
Defeat 50 enemies with the Std. Issue 1995

Get 50 kills with this weapon to get the trophy.

Defeat 60 enemies with the Noisy Cricket

Get 60 kills with this weapon to get the trophy.

Defeat 250 enemies with the Tribarrel

Get 250 kills with this weapon to get the trophy.

Defeat 350 enemies with the Tribarrel

Get 350 kills with this weapon to get the trophy.

Defeat 100 enemies with the Adorian Crossbow

Get 100 kills with this weapon to get the trophy.

Defeat 200 enemies with the BANGer

Get 200 kills with this weapon to get the trophy.

Freeze 30 enemies with the Icer

The icer isnt much good, but you need to shoot enemies with them to freeze them. When the enemy is frozen shoot them with any weapon to shatter them and kill them.

Use the Anti-Gravity grenade on 30 enemies

This grenade is going to be the best way to rack up massive combo scores. Very easy to get this, simply throw the grenade and enemies will start floating into the air.

Use the Refracto Shield to reflect 100 enemy projectiles

This shield comes in very handy because cover sucks. Use the shield and when ememies shoot you, the billets will bounch off the shield. Should be very easy to get this against enemies that like to shoot a lot of bullets.

Defeat 20 enemies with the Rocket Launcher while flying the car

The rocket launcher is a limited weapon during the car chapters. You can fire the missiles by pressing L1. You only have 5 of these and will need to pick up a refil to get more bullets. Should be easy to get this as the rockets are seriously powerful, makes sence to blow the hell out of every enemy you find.

Defeat 30 enemies while they're under the effect of Cerebro Accelerator

The cerebro accelerator is one of the last power ups you will get and its once of the best for any tough scenes. It will slow down time allowing you to run around at full speed and take out any enemies that come your way. Using the std issue 1995 makes this a lot easier to get as there is no bullet delay with this weapon.

Defeat 700 enemies

Very easy to get. Its impossible to beat the game and not kill this many enemies.

Defeat Khnemu in Story Mode
Story Related

This is a story related boss fight and cant be missed.

Complete Story Mode as an Agent
Story Related

You will get this after beating your first playthrough.

Gather 50 upgrade points

Upgrade points are the green diamond shape things that some enemies drop. They kind of look like the things that show up above heads in the sims. These can be used to upgrade your weapons and powers. You should definitely have gotten enouygh of these by the time you complete the second play through if not the first.

Defeat 900 enemies

This should also come naturally. There are far more enemies to kill in a single playthrough. You will get this near the end of the first playthroguh. Noi need to even try to get this trophy its very easy to get.

Defeat Nethera and save Catyana

You will get this after killing Nethera during the first playthrough. When playing the game on elite difficulty this boss fight is a serious pain in the ass. Using a combination of a fully upgraded cerebro accelerator and the std. issue 1995 you can get through this boss easy enough. For a full guide on how to kill this boss, check out the full guide.

Complete Story Mode as an Elite Agent
Story Related

This will pop after killing Nethera. You need to play through the entire game from chapter one on elite difficulty to get the trophy. 

Complete all the missions in Story Mode
Story Related

This will unlock after you beat thte game for the first time on agent difficulty.