Knack 2 Trophy Guide

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The original Knack game was somewhat swept under the run, but we got the second game anyway. This page will offer you a complete Knack 2 trophy guide for the PlayStation 4. This game is a lot like the first game, so if you have played it, you shouldn't have too much trouble with this one. This is a fairly easy trophy list, so even if you do not know much about the game, you should be able to get the platinum trophy fairly quickly. 

  • Author : NerdBurglars
  • Time To 100% : 15-20 Hours
  • Difficulty : 4/10
  • Online Trophies : 0/43
  • Offline Trophies : 43/43
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Step 1: Beat the game on hard + collectables

It is possible to get the platinum in this game in a single playthrough with some minor cleanup afterwards. The game is not difficult at all, even on hard difficulty. If you want to make this as quick as possible, play the game on hard for your first playthrough. Since the game is a children's game, you shouldn't struggle too much with this game. It takes over 10 hours to complete the story, so unless you really love playing this game, you may not want to do this in more than 1 playthrough anyway.

Normally, I try to avoid getting collectables during the hard playthrough since it makes life hard, but since this game is already quite easy on hard, there is no reason not to do it all in the one go. There are 100 chests in the game, but you do not need to get them all to get most of the trophies.

See "Nose for Treasure" for a video showing the location of all 100 treasure chests.

Almost all of the other trophies in the game are based around the combat. You should get almost all of these without even having to try. The game has a chapter select feature, so wait until you have completed the game before having to worry about grinding any particular trophies if you feel you may not be able to unlock them.

Keep an eye out for the challenges you come across that seem quite easy. You will need to complete 70 of these in total and it will make things easier if you have some of these easy ones done already.

Step 2: Time Attack And Coliseum Attack Challenges

Once you complete the story you will unlock challenges. You will find these in the main menu under a new heading called "Extra Content". There are 8 in total, 5 time attacks and 2 coliseum attacks to complete. Using the yellow Knack will make things much easier for these events.

Step 3: Medals

There are 143 Knack medals to collect, but the good news for you is that you only need to obtain 70 of those medals. You may get this one without trying if you have put any attention into getting the challenges when you were playing through the main story. Go back to past chapters using the chapter select feature and this will let you perform the actions required to unlock medals. Typically these challenges are for things like speedruns, combat score challenges and some level specific things like squishing bugs etc. They are all fairly easy and getting 70 of these won't be difficult, although it might take a bit of time if you have ignored it up until now.

Acquired all trophies.

Collect all other trophies in the game.

Defeated Rothari.

You will get this trophy for defeating Rothari in Chapter 6-4

Defeated Gundahar.

You will get this trophy for defeating Gundahar in chapter 8-3

Defeated the relic monster that Xander created.

You will get this trophy after defeating the monster in chapter 8-4.

Defeated all Titans.

This trophy will unlock as part of the story in chapter 13-5.

Defeated the last boss.

Defeat the final boss and get this trophy. The boss is in chapter 15-3.

Learned the Heavy Punch from Ava.

Will unlock automatically once you obtain this ability.

Learned the Hook Shot from Ava.

Will unlock automatically once you obtain this ability.

Learned the Boomerang from Ava.

Will unlock automatically once you obtain this ability.

Learned the Ultimate Move from Ava.

Will unlock automatically once you obtain this ability.

Defeated 300 enemies using punches.
Kill Count

Use the [Square] button to punch. Defeat 300 enemies using punches and this will unlock. You will more than likely get this one automatically.

Defeated 300 enemies using kicks.
Kill Count

Use the [Circle] button to perform a kick. Defeat 300 enemies to get this. Unlikely you will need to grind this one.

Defeated 50 immobilized enemies.
Kill Count

Once you have learned the Boomerang move, you can throw it by holding down [Triangle]. This will immobilize an enemy allowing you to follow up with an attack to kill them. Do this to 50 enemies and you will get the trophy.

Defeated 100 enemies using Jump Kicks.
Kill Count

Press [X] and then [Circle] to perform a jump kick. Use this to defeat 100 enemies to get the trophy. 

Ran 26.2 miles.

The larger you are the more distance you build up from a single step. As you get through the story you will become considerably larger so this trophy shouldnt be an issue. 

Found 30 chests containing relic energy.

There are quite a lot of these chests that you can find all over the place. When you destroy one they release a bunch of blue orbs. While it is possible to beat the game and not get 30, they are so common that you would almost have to go out of your way not to destroy 30 of them.

Broke the blocks of 50 enemies.

When you encounter an enemy that is using a shield you can break their block by holding down [Circle] to perform a heavy punch. You will likely get this in chapter 3-1 after you get the heavy punch attack from Ava. If you need to grind it at a later date, you can go back to this location.

Defeated 50 enemies using parries.

A parry occurs when you block just before an attack is going to land on you. This will deflect the attack back at the enemy. In this case, you will need to counter just before you get hit with an arrow. This will cause the arrow to fly back at the enemy and damage them. The arrows do not move particularly fast so time it right and press [L1] right before the arrow is going to hit you and you will get this one quite easily.

You may not get this naturally if you decide to just run around, leaving a path of destruction. IF you need to go back and get it, chapter 6-2 is a good spot to get it.

Defeated 500 goblin enemies.
Kill Count

You can find goblin enemies in multiple places and will likely get this without having to grind. If you do need to go back and kill some, you can find them in chapter 6-2 and 6-3.

Defeated 700 robot enemies.
Kill Count

This too should unlock without having to put any effort in. There are more than 700 robots to kill, so as long as you are killing them this will unlock.

Found 10 treasure chests.

There are 100 chests to find in the game. This trophy requires you to find 10 of them. There are other trophies that require you to get chests as result of their requirements. It is no harm collecting all of the chests anyway, even though there is no trophy for all 100. This video guide will show you where to find all of the treasure chests in Knack 2.

Completed your first gadget.

See trophy "The Doctors Disciple" for more information.

Acquired your first crystal relic.

See "All-New Powers" for more information.

Unlocked your first Crystal Knack.

There are 4 crystal Knacks that you can unlock in this game. This trophy only requires you unlock one, of course. To unlock a Crystal Knack you will need to find relics inside of the treasure chests in the game. See "Nose for Treasure" on the locations of all 100 treasure chests in Knack 2. Even though you do not need all 4 crystal Knacks to get a trophy, the enhanced abilities that each one gives will make a lot of other trophies easier to unlock. Since there is already a trophy guide showing you where to find all 100 chests, you should just collect them all, guaranteeing that you get all 4 of them and can take advantage of the bonuses they have.

These are the 4 different crystal Knacks that can be unlocked.

  • Speedy Knack (Blue, 20 Aqua Relics)
  • Saber Knack (Yellow, 15 Topaz Relics)
  • Vampire Knack (Red, 20 Ruby Relics)
  • Shooter Knack (Green, 15 Emerald Relics)
Acquired your first gadget part.

See "The Doctor’s Disciple" for more information.

Acquired your first Knack medal.

See "You’ve Got the Knack" for more information.

Performed your first Knack upgrade.

See "Incredible Power!" for more information.

Equipped a combo meter and landed a 100-hit combo.

To get this you will need to unlock the combo meter gadget. You will get the parts required from 5 separate treasure chests, going back to my previous point of just collecting all of the chests anyway. Once you have it, enable it and it will show the combo count. It is easier to get 100 hits in a row without getting hit yourself on an easier difficulty, but if you are confident you can do it on hard, then go for it!

Chapter 5-4 is a good location to attempt this trophy. The video guide below will show you a good strategy for getting 100 hit combo in Knack 2.

Stunned enemies 50 times with sunstone bombs.

To stun an enemy with a sunstone bomb, you first need to obtain the gadget for this. It requires 3 parts that are found inside treasure chests. Once you have obtained the pieces and unlocked the gadget, equip it. Once eqipped, enemies that are near yellow crystals will be stunned when you destroy them. You do not need to kill the enemy to get this trophy.

Cleared a Time Attack stage.

See "Speed Demon" for more information.

Cleared a Coliseum Attack stage.

See "King of the Coliseum" for more information.

Defeated 10 enemies as small Knack.

You will most likely get this trophy without trying. There is a point in the game where you must play as small Knack and you will likely get the 10 kills at this time. If not, you can change into small Knack by pressing [R1]. Be aware that you can die with one hit as small Knack and you do not do nearly as much damage. It might be best to do this using chapter select on a lower difficulty if you don't end up getting this one without trying. 

Cleared all chapters on the Easy difficulty level or higher.

See "It’s a Knackout" for more information.

Cleared all chapters on the Normal difficulty level or higher.

See "It’s a Knackout" for more information.

Cleared all chapters on the Hard difficulty level or higher.

Hard is quite easy in this game. If you are following this Knack 2 trophy guide in order to get the platinum, then you should play the game on hard first time around. The difficulty trophies will stack, so you get the trophy for beating the game on easy and normal once you beat it on hard.

There isn't much about hard that is unexpected. Enemies are smarter and have more health and you will die much easier. Generally speaking though, this difficulty is not all that difficult. You shouldn't need to lookup any advanced tactics or skills for making it through this game on hard.

Acquired 50 Knack medals.

See the trophy "You’ve Got the Knack" for more information.

Acquired all gadgets.

In order to obtain gadgets, you will need to find the gadget parts that it is made up of. All of these gadget parts are randomly found inside the treasure chests that are hidden around the game. See "Nose for Treasure" for a video guide on finding all 100 treasures in Knack 2. You will need a total of 30 gadget parts in order to collect all 7 gadgets in the game.  You do not always get a gadget part when you open a chest, so you may need to open far more chests before you get all of the gadget parts needed for this trophy.

Learned all super moves.

There are only 4 super moves required to obtain this trophy. You can go back and get them all via chapter select if you miss them. You will get the first automatically and then have to get the other 3. The video guide below will show you where to find all of the super moves in Knack 2.

Learned all basic power-up skills.

There are 4 different skill trees to level up. You do not need to completely fill the tree, you just need to purchase the basic skills from all 4 of the skill trees. They are cheap enough with the skills in the first 2 trees only costing 1 skill point each. Make sure to go for this one before you start purchasing the expensive skills that are higher up. You dont want to end up falling short of points to buy the basic skills. 

Cleared one chapter on the Very Hard difficulty level.

You should go for this after completing the game once on hard. You can then use chapter select to play a mission you found easy and have access to all of the abilities and powers you wouldn't normally have in this chapter. Very hard isn't deathly hard, but it is a jump up from the difficulty below. There are some medals that you unlock for reaching a combat score value. Doing these chapters on very hard will reward you with a higher combat score. You will likely find yourself completing a couple of chapters on very hard to get these trophies. If you are having a hard time, you can try Chapter 2-1 as this chapter contains very few enemies. 

Acquired 70 Knack medals.

Each chapter will have a series of challenges to complete, each will reward you with a medal. There are 143 medals in total to obtain, so if you are finding a few of the challenges difficult, it doesn't really matter. You only need to complete half of them to get this trophy. Try to get these as you play through the game the first time around. It will save you the effort of having to come back and unlock them at a later time. Most are fairly easy anyway. Once you beat the game you should have unlocked all 4 crystal Knacks. The bonus abilities provided by each of these Knacks will help you out a lot when it comes to some of these challenges. 

Achieved 5 stars in every Time Attack.

You will unlock the time attacks after completing the story once on any difficulty. Using the blue, speedy Knack will be a huge help for these challenges for obvious reasons.

When you are making your way through the time attack, make the effort to kill the enemies as it will freeze the time when you kill them. The green rings will also slow time down which can be massively helpful. Using the crystal Knacks will really be of value to you for these as some can be really tight to do. With a bit of practice, you should be able to get through all of these.

Achieved 5 stars in every Coliseum Attack.

You also unlock the Coliseum attack after completing the main game once on any difficulty. You are thrown into an arena where you must kill the enemies. If you beat the high score you get the 5-star reward. You should be quite good at the game by now so you should know the combat quite well by now. It is important to know that you gain a bonus for each kill you get without being hit. The longer you go without getting hit, the more points you will earn.

Using Saber Knack will make this a lot easier since he deals more damage and has a better defence. The goal for these arenas is to kill the enemies as fast as possible and to kill them all before they can even land a hit on you. The faster you are and the less damage you take, the more points you get and the more likely you are to get a 5-star rating.