Jazzpunk Trophy Guide

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  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 1-2 Hours
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online Trophies : 0/25
  • Offline Trophies : 25/25
  • Missable Trophies : 0
  • Glitched Trophies : 0
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Obtaining a platinum in this game is pretty simple. It can be done in about an hour if you are quick, but it will likely take around 2 hours for most people to do, but you would need to be following a guide. That is why i have prepared this guide. There is a guide below for each trophy, but to make things easier, i have also created a completee walkthrough for this game. https://nerdburglars.net/docs/jazzpunk-walkthrough/ 

None of the trophies in the game are missable since there is a chapter select. Since the game is also about an hour long, it's not a super big deal if you do miss anything. There are some events that will block access to another trophy which will mean you have to repeat the chapter. There are a lot of these events, but as i said, this game is super short. It's a waste of time to list them since its fairly simple to get this platinum, even if you pay no attention to getting all the trophies in a single run.

Jazzpunk Trophy List
The End The End
Now go outside
Exume To Consume Exume To Consume
Discovered all of the artifacts buried in sand

Chapter: Kai Tak Resort

Cross over the bridge to the beach. Right near the decking area you will spot the metal detector on the ground. Pick it up and you can use it to find treasure. Finding the treaure is fairly easy if you work in a grid pattern. The dial on the metal detector works which will help you detect where the 6 pieces of treasure is located.

jazzpunk treasure finder


Data mole Data mole
Smuggle a carrier pigeon into the next level

Chapter: Soviet Consulate

Go to the alley next to the fission chips store you will find a man who will trigger a side quest. You will need to complete this side quest to obtain the carrier pigeon and then complete the chapter to get the trophy. Take the following steps to complete the quest.

  • Go to the mailbox between the blue steps and the frog
  • Go to the man reading the paper on the bench in the central park area
  • Cross over the green steps and interact with the red newspaper box. Remember the knock pattern
  • Go over to the hotel, which is on the side near the red steps. Go to the door and use the knock pattern
  • Once inside talk to the guy and take the pigeon.
  • Complete the chapter to get the trophy.
Saliva Surrogate Saliva Surrogate
Assist a saliva deficient individual by fulfilling their stationary needs

Chapter: Soviet Consulate

Cross over the blue steps and you will find a frog at the bottom. Talk to him and it will trigger a mini game. Get the item at the other side of the road and bring it back to the other side. You can fail as many times as you like so dont worry about getting it right the first time around. 

After you get the vision thing, pick it up and use it. Turn around and there will be a guy holding a letter. Lick it to get the trophy.

saliva surrogate

Essense of Pigeon Essense of Pigeon
Spray 3 people with pheromones

Chapter: Soviet Consulate

Cross over the red stairs and find a guy in an alley way. He will give you a gun that you need to use to kill pigeons. There are 3 of them to kill, each one drops a bottle of pheromones. When you kill a pigeon, pick up the bottle and then spray it on any person in the level. This will cause a bunch of pigeons to come and drag the person away. Do this with all 3 bottles to get the trophy. 

Conversationalist Conversationalist
Talk to 3 inanimate cardboard boxes

Chapter: Soviet Consulate

This one appears to be random. There are a couple of different boxes that this can be triggered on. All you need to do is go around the level and look for some cardboard boxes and interact with them. If white text appears on top of the box then you know it has counted. Do it for 3 boxes and the trophy will pop on the final one. 

cardboard box

Serious Degaussing Skills Serious Degaussing Skills
Degauss 4 undercover agents in the park

Chapter: Soviet Consulate

See "Essense of pigeon" first as this trophy depends on you first having started this quest, but importantly, not having completed it. In the central park area you will notice there are some guys that are peeking out from behind some of the trees in the area. You need to shoot them with the gun that was given to you to shoot down the pigeons. Kill all 4 of them and you will get the trophy.

peeking agent


Long Distance Charges Long Distance Charges
Explore the rotary phone menu options

Chapter: Soviet Consulate

You get this one toward the end of the chapter. After entering the secret computer in the upper floor of the main building, you will encounter a red telephone that you can use your finger to spin the dial. Use the following numbers to get the trophy. Using 1 as an option will finish the story and it doesnt count for the trophy so use number 1 as an option last. 

To get this trophy use 0, 2, 3, 9 and 666 on the telephone.

Verbal Morality Statute Verbal Morality Statute
Dial various four letter words into the Nippon Telnet phone terminal

Chapter: Soviet Consulate

This phone can be found to the right of the main entrance to the consulate building. It looks like a regular payphone. Use the keys to enter the following values to get the trophy.

  • 3266
  • 7448
  • 3825
  • 2868
  • 3425
  • 2773
  • 9265

verbal morality statute


Face Infectors Face Infectors
Defeat a microscopic squadron of bacteriophage

Chapter: Soviet Consulate

After setting the clock to 12 and riding up the building on the window cleaning lift, you will see 2 microscopes on the tables. Use the microscope that is closest to the window and it will begin a game of space invadors. Complete the level and the trophy will unlock.

Insurance Premiums Increase Insurance Premiums Increase
Shatter all vases in the shop

Chapter: Ikayaki Alley

As you are walking around you will find a woman who asks for your help. See the image below for what she looks like and the location of the door behind her. Head inside the door and break all of the vases to get the trophy. 

vase shop entrance

Spongliform Encephalopathy Spongliform Encephalopathy
Consume one brain steeped sandwich

Chapter: Ikayaki Alleythe 

When you get to the end of the main path you will find a restaraunt in the square. Rather than go inside, look for a guy who has big ears and you will see a cotton swab on the ground. Pick it up and use it on the ears. It will pull out a sandwich, eat it to get the trophy. YUM!

brain sandwich


Above And Beyond The Spider of Duty Above And Beyond The Spider of Duty
Collect all 8 spiders in the restaurant

Chapter: Ikayaki Alley

The spiders are all really easy to find. You only need to find 5 to complete the story, but there are a total of 8. If you progress with the story, you wont be able to collect the rest of the spiders, so make sure you get them all before progressing. 

Around The World In 80 Puns Around The World In 80 Puns
Visit all travel destinations in the world

This occurs during the mini game between levels. You will be looking at a world map with little dots for major locations on the map. Cross over each item to turn it from white to yellow. There is one that is marked with red. Hitting this will end the mini game so save this one for the very end. 


Hasselhoff In A Pinch Hasselhoff In A Pinch
Rescue the drowning man in the swimming pool

Chapter: Kai Tak Resort

Go to the swimming pool and look inside the pool. There will be a guy who has turned blue, go and rescue him. Bring him to his girlfriend who is standing at the side of the pool to get the trophy .

drowning boyfriend

Heroine Chic Heroine Chic
Apply lipstick VERY generously to your face

Chapter: Kai Tak Resort

After making your way to room 405, you will need to put on an outfit. Pick up the lipstick and draw all over your face. Make sure to draw all over your face before covering the lips.


Jacques Voyeur: Room Explorer Jacques Voyeur: Room Explorer
Explore other guest rooms at the resort

Chapter: Kai Tak Resort

On the second level of the apartments, there will be a guy walking around in a red outfit. Rob the master key from him and go into a couple of rooms. It will unlock after you have visited 2-4 different rooms. 

Don't Get Involved Don't Get Involved
Kiss 3 people while wearing lipstick

Chapter: Kai Tak Resort

After completing the outfit after going into room 405, go outside and kiss 3 random people. Press psx to kiss them. You will see the lip mark on the persons face after kissing them.


But She Can Fly... But She Can Fly...
Win a round of pillow fight

Chapter: Bachelor Pad

After getting into the pad, turn right and there will be a locked door next to the bathroom. You need to pick the lock using your fingers. When you get inside there will be a woman on the bed. Pick up the white pillow next to her and hit her out the window to get the trophy. 

pillow fight


Bloody Mary On The Rocks Bloody Mary On The Rocks
Serve a bloody mary

Chapter: Bachelor Pad

This one is fairly gross. Once you get to the final stage of the game against the editor (where you play the tennis game), you will see a glass area. There is a hot tub inside, use the machine and press the red button. It will blend up the people inside. Grab the glass near the hot tub and fill it up with the contents of the hot tub. Give it to the woman on the lounger that you can see in the pic below to get the trophy .

bloody mary

Breaking The Mold Breaking The Mold
Consume vast quantities of jelly to fulfill ethical responsibilities

Chapter: Bachelor Pad

After getting back to the bachelor pad after finishing the editors mini games you will be back to where you started. You will have seen this big jelly or jello pile at the start, but now there is a spoon next to them. Pick it up and eat all of the jello to get the trophy.


Clean As A Whistle Clean As A Whistle
Find and utilize a bidet

Chapter: Bachelor Pad

After getting into the bachelor pad, turn right and the toilet is on the right at the end of the hall. Its hard to miss and has a red door. Go inside and use the bidet. Its like a toilet and a sink mixed together. After using it you will get the trophy. 


Polyplegic Polyplegic
Land awkwardly while diving at the pool

Chapter: Kai Tak Resort

You will likely have noticed this diving board when you rescued the blue guy in the pool. Walk up onto the diving board and make sure you land on the area around the edge of the pool. In other words, do not land in the water and you will get the trophy. 

A Kissenger For All Seasons A Kissenger For All Seasons
Get kissed by an unhygienic individual on two separate occasions

Chapter: Bachelor Pad

This one is a missable one. Start by getting the first kiss in the lower level of the starting area. Turn left after getting into the bachelor pad and go down the steps. The girl on the chair will ask you to spin the bottle. Do it and some guy will come and kiss you. 

The second one is the missable part. After completing the mini golf game you will fly to a new area where you must play a boat racing game. There will be a woman dressed as a cop standing nearby. Kiss her and the guy will come ovver again and give you another kiss.


DJ Polyblank DJ Polyblank
Scratch two compact disc records

Chapter: Bachelor Pad

This can be done at the very start of the bachelor pad chapter. Turn right after you get inside the door and go over to the area where there is a tv with static on it. Against the wall, you willl see a record player with a disc on it. Interact with the disc and scratch it with the hand. Once it has been scratched exit out and turn around. There is another record in a packet next to the couch. Pick it up and bring it back over to the record player and scratch it to get the trophy.

record scratching