Island Time VR Trophy Guide

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Island Time VS is a humorous survival island game. You are put on a tiny island and need to use things in the environment to survive. The trophy list is easy and has no missable trophies. You can easily get the platinum in an hour or so without much need for a trophy guide.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 1-2 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/20
  • Offline Trophies : 20/20
  • Num Playthroughs : Multiple runs

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

There isn't much need for a detailed walkthrough here. You will need to play multiple survival runs, some which will last 10 seconds and others over 20 minutes. There are a few trophies for surviving X amount of time with 20 being the max. All of these are fine since it isn't that hard to survive. This game is meant to be fun not challenging.

The Gill-Free Diet  and Ding Ding Ding!  Are best attempted together since they rely on the same strategy. Neither are overly difficult so it’s fine.

The only difficulty you should have with this trophy list is Whoops!  Which requires you to die in 10 seconds and Speed Eater, which requires you to eat 10 coconut halves in 10 seconds. These are only difficult because you need to be physically quick at moving your arms to get this done. So long as your reflexes are quick, these won’t cause you any trouble.

Unlock all other trophies
Craft your first tool
Combine a stick with one of the various items around to make a tool.
Simply die once.
Die in under 10 seconds

There are many ways to die on the island, but not many ways in which you can do it this quickly. You need to be incredibly quick to get this as there is absolutely no time to spare. Start a new game and immediately pick up a rock and light the fire. Stay still and let the flames kill you. If you are lucky this will come in around 10 seconds on the dot. It might take a few attempts to get this right. Check out the video below if you are having any trouble.

Die 20 times
Save this until the end to farm. You shouldn't really die too often unless you intend to, so this is a bit of an annoying one. Still it doesn't take long to intentionally die 20 times. There are a few other trophies that require you to die in the process of unlocking them so you should have a few deaths under your belt by the time it comes to getting this one.
Survive 5 minutes

It isn't that hard to survive. See Survivor  if you need tips.

Survive 10 minutes

It isn't that hard to survive. See Survivor  if you need tips.

Survive 20 minutes
Once you are familiar with the game, surviving for 20 minutes shouldn’t cause you much difficulty. You should be fine eating coconuts and fish with the occasional seagull if you need to. Save this one until the end so at least by then you are comfortable with the game and won’t run into anything you haven't come across before.
Destroy the Boombox
Throw it into the water to shut it off and get the trophy.
Light a seagull on fire and it will drop some chicken (always wondered where chicken meat came from). You can do it a few ways but the easiest is to just combine a stick and a coconut and light this on fire. Use this then to set the seagull on fire.
Go 3 minutes without eating any fish
Go for this while attempting “Ding Ding Ding!”. You will need to survive on coconuts and any cooked seagulls you can get your hands on. You will need to be very sparing with the coconuts. Only eat when it’s a matter of life or death.
Burn the entire island
Use a stick and wood to create a torch and light it on fire. You just need to burn down everything on the island and the trophy will pop.
Cook 3 fish at the exact same time
This is a good opportunity to unlock “The Gill-Free Diet” as you will need to hoard fish. The trophy requires you to cook 3 fish at the exact same time, which is tricky. The easiest way to do this is attempt to cook as many fish as possible at once to increase the chances of 3 being finished at the exact right time.
Eat 10 coconut halves in 10 seconds
This can be easy or hard depending on how quick you are with your hands (that’s what she said). Start a new game and stick with eating fish. Save up all of your coconuts until you have 5 of them. Break them all in half and lay them out in front of you so that they are easy to grab. Once all 10 coconut halves are in front of you, quickly eat them all.
Craft all tools
There are a total of 7 tools that you can craft. You will need to save this for one of your longer playthroughs so that you can find all of the components you need to craft these items.

- Stick + Rock = Spear
- Stick + Log = Stick with a Log
- Stick + Whole Coconut = Stick with Coconut
- Stick + Crab Hand = Grabber
- Stick + Skull = Stick with a Skull
- Stick + Coconut Half = Stick with Coconut Half
- Stick + Monocle = Magnifying Glass
Scare a seagull away by throwing a rock at it
Simply pick up a rock and throw it at a seagull.
Scare a seagull away by throwing a rubber duck at it
Rubber ducks will randomly appear inside of coconuts. Once you find one, keep it nearby and once a seagull lands on a rock nearby, throw the duck at it.
Trick a seagull into stealing a poison fish
First you will need to catch a poisonous fish. You can easily identify them from the purple color on their back. Catch one of these and cook it. Put it aside and wait for a seagull to come along and take it.
Eat a starfish
Starfish will start to show up in boxes once you have survived on the island for a while. Once they do you can eat one to get this trophy.
Eat 100 food items
You can eat lots of things, you should get this as you go along. You need to eat food to survive.