Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Trophy Guide

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Welcome to my Dishonored Death of the Outsider Trophy Guide. This is a really quick and simple platinum to unlock as the list is relatively easy and unlock and when compared to past Dishonored games, it is incredibly short. If you are looking for a quick and easy platinum trophy, this is a pretty good game to go for. 

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 6-8 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2/10
  • Online Trophies : 0/31
  • Offline Trophies : 31/31
  • Num Playthroughs : 2-3
Missable Trophies: Mercenary Work

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Although the game is very short there are a surprisingly large amount of trophies with a total of 31 trophies in the list. There are 7 trophies that are tied to the main story and cannot be missed, then there are multiple other trophies that can be either unlocked in a specific mission or in any mission. I have put the mission number at the top of each trophy below so you will know where to complete it. You can get all trophies in at least 2 playthroughs, but it might be easier to do it in 3. Either way, the game is quite short and can be completed in about 30 minutes if you know what you are doing. An additional playthrough isn't really a big deal.

Step 1 - Normal run, collect all trophies

Beat the game normally, collecting all paintings, completing all contracts and unlocking the miscellaneous trophies that are not tied to the story. There is no rush for this one and the guide for each trophy below will make this fairly handy to achieve. Enjoy the game and make sure to unlock all of the trophies below other than the Original + and the "Shadow" trophy.

Step 2 - original game+

Beat the game in original game+. This is fairly handy and you should have trophies other than Shadow by now. If you want you can attempt to unlock shadow during this playthrough, but the abilities from Dishonored 2 make it a bit harder. It is still quite easy to do this, but it is up to you.

Step 3 - Stealth run (Optional)

If you did not obtain the "Shadow" trophy during your second playthrough, now is the time to do it. This should be a super quick run since you will know the game very well by now.

Earn all trophies

Collect all of the other trophies in the game.

Free the assassin Daud

This will unlock as part of the story progression and cannot be missed.

Take both bank vault keys

This will unlock as part of the story progression and cannot be missed.

Obtain an ancient weapon

This will unlock as part of the story progression and cannot be missed.

Recover the stolen archive

This will unlock as part of the story progression and cannot be missed.

Touch the Eye of the Dead God

This will unlock as part of the story progression and cannot be missed.

Return the Outsider to the mortal world

This is one of 2 possible endings for the game. There will be a trophy that you can unlock for each of the 2 endings. The good ending and the bad ending. You can make a save and reload if you wish, but the game has chapter select and you will be playing the game twice so you can get this done without having to worry about it.

Bad Ending - This is the easiest one to get. Once you reach the outsider in the 5th chapter, perform a melee attack to kill him and this will lead you to the bad ending for the game and get you the trophy.

Good Ending - The good ending is a little more long winded than the bad ending since you will need to set the Outsider free, but unfortunately, you do not have the ability to just walk up to him and "let him go free" instead of killing him. You will need to complete a side quest in chapter 5 called "Inspect Malchiodi’s Lodging". You will get this after walking into the void after interacting with the black eye in the cave. After entering the void, turn around and interact with a corpse on some spikes. Loot the key from this corpse and you will obtain the side quest. Once you complete this quest you can proceed to the point where you get to the Outsider. Speak with Daud and he will walk over and free the outsider which triggers the happy ending and will unlock you the trophy.

Kill the Outsider

This is the opposite ending for "Final Release". See the trophy guide of this trophy for more information on how to obtain it. 

Steal the audiograph from the gallery without disabling the safeguard floor

Mission 2
You can get this trophy in mission 2 while you are at Shan Yun's house. The trophy is pretty simple to get and the video guide below will show you how to easily get it. To give a simple guide, You will find a side room on the second floor of the building. There are traps covering the floor preventing you from getting to the audiograph. Shoot the glass and then teleport into the display case to obtain it and unlock the trophy.

Use Semblance to mimic Shan Yun and sing into the microphone

Mission 2
In mission 2 there will be a safe that is marked on the map as an objective. Sneak up on or knock out Shan Yun and use Semblance to transform into him. Make your way to the safe and sing into the microphone to get the trophy.

Drop Ivan Jacobi through the trapdoor

Mission 2
Before attempting this trophy, you should make a manual save as it is possible to time this one wrong and mess it up. At least if you do mess it up, you can reload the manual save and try again. Make your way to Colibron Plaza and there will be a guy on a stage who is surrounded by guards practicing a speech. Sneak down the stairs on the left to get underneath the stage. If you look up you will be able to see where the guy is walking. When he is standing on the trapdoor, pull the lever and he will fall down if you have timed it right.

Win the auction at Colibron Plaza

Mission 3
In order to access the auction you will need to complete the optional objective "sedate the bank personnel" in mission 3. It is a quick and easy objective to complete and once it is done, you will end up at the auction.

Once you are at the action, use Semblance on the guy smoking by the stairs. Once you are in control of this body, walk over to the chairs by the stage and sit down. Press square to make a bid and keep doing so until the auction is over.

Open every safe inside the main vault

Mission 3
There are 5 chests inside the main vault during the bank heist in the 3rd mission. Use the following codes on each of the safes from left to right. 011, 235, 813, 455, 891

Empty the vault without tampering with any security systems, leaving everyone unharmed and asleep

Mission 3
You will need to complete this entire section of the game using stealth. If you kill anyone it will void the trophy and you will be unable to unlock it. The video guide below will show you the best strategy for unlocking this trophy and clearing the area without leaving a trace.

Send the vault crashing through the floor

Mission 3
Part of the main objective for mission 3 will be to open a bank vault. Once you are on the upper floor looking at the vault door, turn to the right and go inside the elevator. If you look up there is a hatch open in the roof that allows you to teleport up into a secret room. The video guide below will show you how to loosen the 4 breaks that are on top of the vault and once this is done it will cause the vault to come down through the floow and unlock the trophy for you.

Attend the meeting as Brother Cardoza

Mission 4
When you reach the top floor of the Royal Conservatory, look around for a cultist that is examining a dead body. Sneak up and use Semblance on him. Walk over to Lena Rosewyn and talk to her to unlock the trophy.


Break 4 Oraculum censers and listen to the prophecies

Mission 4
Make your way to the second floor of the Royal Conservatory. There is a room that contains 4 vase like items with smoke coming from them. Break all 4 of these to get the trophy. The video guide below will show you how to get this easily.

Destroy an Envisioned cultist

Mission 5
You may get this one without knowing if you are fond of killing things, but it is a bit of a tricky process to follow. Mid way through the 5th mission you will interact with a black eye in a cave. After this you will start to see glowing monsters, these are the Envisioned cultists. It is worth making a manual save here in case you screw it up.

Make sure you remain undetected and use the Foresight skill. Place a marker on the yellow circle and wait for the cultist to stand still in the spot marked. Use the displace ability to teleport yourself to the cultist which stuns him when you make the impact. While stunned, hit him with a melee attack and it will kill him. You will get the trophy once he is dead.

Push an enemy to his demise using Void Strike

Mission 3 and on
You will obtain void strike ability during the 3rd mission and can get this trophy at a few difference places from here. One easy location is outlined in the video at the start of mission 4. Charge up the ability and use it on the cultists standing on the bridge. It will knock them off and unlock the trophy for you.

Send someone flying 40 meters using Hook Mines

Mission 3 onwards
This can be unlocked anywhere, but it can be easily obtained near a location that has a large cliff. This way all you really need is to get the body to go over the edge of the cliff and this will easily get you the 40 meter requirement. A good location for this is in chapter 2. Once you have obtained a hook mine from the black market, go back toward the mission 2 area and you will find a guy who is fishing near a cliff. Use the video below to see the best strategy for getting him to go flying off the cliff and unlock this trophy for you.

Shoot a guard in the head with a fountain pen

Mission 2 onwards

Buy the Voltaic gun upgrade called "Makeshift Bolt" from the black market for 500 coins. This will allow you to use the fountain pen in the gun. Gead to the apartments above the black market and look around. You will find a fountain pen near a bed on the top floor. Shoot all of the ammo in your voltaic gun and then pickup the fointain pen. Go look for a guard and shoot him in the head to get the trophy.

Use Displace on a marker placed with Foresight and eliminate a target

Mission 2
You can unlock this at the start of mission 2. You can perform this on any target, friendly or not. Make a save if you don't want to deal with the hassle of performing the required actions. Using the Foresight ability, put a marker on the civilian that is sitting on the bench at the start of the mission. Switch to the displace ability and teleport to the marked spot. This will cause you to eliminate the target and unlock this trophy, but also unlock "Occupational Hazard" as the person will explode.

Have a guard salute you

Mission 2 onwards
You will need to use the Semblance skill on a guard and get other guards to greet you. It works best if you can use a veteran guard who is dressed in red and go to guards dressed in green. Once they greet you, you get the trophy.

Listen to what swarms of rats have to say 5 times

Mission 1
After leaving B illie Lurk's boat, you will find rats near the water. Talk to them 5 times using square and the trophy will unlock.

Finish the game without being detected

This isn't as difficult as it might seem. The game is short and the trophy requirements are not as strict as it seems at first. You need to beat the game without being detected, but you can still kill enemies and it is also ok for the alarm to be raised. The important part is that no one ever detects you. Make a lot of manual saves regularly so that if you do get caught, you can reload and try again. Since the game is very short, you can probably beat the game and get this trophy in about 30 minutes once you know your way around. Using the semblance ability will let you walk past enemies very quick and easily which should make this trophy a lot less difficult at times.

Finish a mission without killing anyone

Fairly simple as you can stikk use non leathal means of disabling enemies. Sneak up on enemies and put them to sleep using R1. It doesnt matter if you raise the alarm or an enemy spots you, just run away until the coast is clear. 

Finish the Original Game+

Once you complete the game once, you unlock original game + which lets you start a new game using all of the abilities from Dishonored 2. Beat the game again in this mode to unlock this trophy. Should be a much faster run than the first since you will know all of the levels and objectives now. You could combine this with the stealth run to unlock "Shadow", but the abilities you have in this game mode are not as good for stealth as those in the core game.

Make 3 people vomit using a single bottle of Plagued Spirit

Mission 1
When you get to the boxing arena in Mission 1, there will be a bunch of people standing around thge ring. Throw the bottle on the floor after you have gotten 3 or more enemies to gang up on you (best to go for more than 3 to be safe). If 3 of them get hit with the bottle, they will begin to throw up and unlock the trophy for you in the process.

Make an enemy explode into pieces using Displace

This can be unlocked at the same time as "Clever Planning". See the guide for this trophy for more information.

Complete all contracts

It is possible to miss this trophy if you do not get all 13 contracts in a single playthrough. Make sure to complete each contract side quest that comes up. If you view the optional objectives you will find it listed as "review contracts". Complete the following contracts in each mission to get the trophy.

Mission 1: Industrial Espionage, Burn the White Hound
Mission 2: Death to the Mime ,Kidnap the Bartender ,Workplace Harassment ,The Missing Brother
Mission 3: The Art Connoisseur, Pickpocket’s Delight, Quiet as a Mouse, Rags to Riches
Mission 4: A Risky Wager, Pilfer the Prophecies, Alvaro and the Abbey

Collect all Eleuterio Cienfuegos paintings

There are 8 paintings to collect in Dishonored Death of the Outsider. The video guide below will show you the location of each of the 8 paintings that you need to find in order to get this trophy.