Day of the Tentacle Remastered Trophy Guide

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Welcome to the Day of the Tentacle Remastered trophy guide for the PlayStation 4. This game has a super easy trophy list that can be platinumed in about 5 hours if you take it relatively slowly. This is a really enjoyable game, so I would suggest you take your time and enjoy it. Trophies are missable in a weird kinda way, but only due to the fact that the final, endgame chapter takes you away from the place where you can obtain most of the trophies. I will mark any proper missable ones in the trophy guide below. For those that are not marked, they are likely missable only due to the game ending and there not being a chapter select.

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 5 Hours
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online Trophies : 0/58
  • Offline Trophies : 58/58
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Missable Trophies: Mental PatienceCan't Win and Chew Gum at the Same TimeMusic Appreciation Award

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

You can get the platinum trophy in Day of the Tentacle pretty quickly. In fact, with a guide you can get it in under 2 hours. I will include the video guide below for those who are looking to obtain the platinum for this game as fast as possible. If this is your first time playing, I would suggest you try and do it without a guide. Most of the trophy descriptions tell you how to get the trophy pretty easily. Since they are hidden by default, revealing the content might be enough to help you figure it out and if so, try play the game this way. This is a really good game and the puzzles are not too hard. You are better off spending some time to appreciate this game. Even without a guide, you can likely beat the game in around 5 hours and get yourself the platinum.

A lot of the trophies in the game are related to puzzles that are required to complete in order to progress. They are not technically story related, but you cant beat the game without completing them. Ill put a hint for each of these so you can attempt to solve the puzzle yourself first and if you get stuck you can use hint in order to know what you need to do.

When you trigger the final chapter you end up leaving the main area of the game and you can no longer access the things needed to unlock the trophies. I would say that most people will get the vast amount of trophies automatically from playing the game normally. There are some missable trophies that are very easy to miss. Take note of the following trophies as if you miss them you will need to start the game again. In the event that you do make mistakes, make frequent game saves. This way if you do end up making a mistake and missing a trophy, you can easily reload this game save and get back to the point where you unlock the trophy much faster than having to replay the entire game.

  • Mental Patience - Do not skip any cutscenes
  • That Should Have Worked - Make sure you try to flush the battery with Hogie before doing the correct thing with it.
  • Music Appreciation Award - Most annoying song ever! Make sure you turn on the stereo first chance you get and leave it on for the duration of the game.
  • Rap Sheet: Forger - If you get the professor to sign the contract, you will no longer be able to forge it. Make sure you try to forge this before getting it signed.
  • Can't Win and Chew Gum at the Same Time - If you give the teeth to George Washington first, you won't be able to do this.
  • Alas, Our Lazy Speechwriters Didn't Cover This - Go outside and talk with them as soon as you throw the blanket over the top of the chimney, making everyone run outside.
Get all other trophies in the game

Unlocks automatically when you obtain all other trophies in Day of the Tentacle remastered.

Power Hoagie's Chron-o-John

Story related, can't be missed. It will unlock once you have restored power to the Chron-o-John.

Power Laverne's Chron-o-John

Story related, can't be missed. It will unlock once you have restored power to the Chron-o-John.

Acquire a diamond

Story related, can't be missed. It will unlock once you have restored power to the Chron-o-John and trigger the end game sequence.

Defeat Purple Tentacle yesterday

Story related, can't be missed. Unlocks when you complete the game.

Play the whole game without skipping a cutscene


This one is easy to miss. If you press and hold Circle, it will cause you to skip a cutscene or whatever block of conversation you are on. It is ok to press X to skip through sentences, but do not press and hold Circle to skip anything or you will not be able to unlock this trophy.

Sit through the end credits

Fairly simple really, don't skip the credits. The game had a small team so the credits don't last very long.

Find Fred's basement workshop

Story related, can't be missed.

Hint - It's in the grandfather clock downstairs.

Open the safe

Story related, can't be missed.

Hint: Use the decaf coffee on the professor when he is downstairs in the basement and it will make him fall asleep. When he is sleep walking he will open the safe. You can go upstairs and use the VCR in slow mo to see what the pass code is for the safe. You will need to have changed the statue in the past before you can push the woman out of the way who is on the office chair.

Disqualify Harold

Story related, can't be missed.

Hint: Use the fake barf

Deflate Oozo

Story Related, you cant progress with the story until you do this.

Hint: Wait until you have Laverne unlocked. She has a scalpal item that you can use to deflate Ozoo the clown who can be found downstairs in the present inside the room with all of the novelty joke items.

Try to alter the contract with Booboo-B-Gone

Once you have obtained the contract, try to combine it with the Booboo-B-Gone.

Try to sign the contract yourself with the quill pen

The contract is found in the safe and once you obtain it, you need to get the quill pen. This can be easily missed because the story requires you to get the professor to sign the contract. If you make him sign it first, you will not be able to forge it anymore. The quill pen is found back in the past. You will need to make all of the 3 men leave the room so you can obtain the gold quill. You need to obtain this quill as part of the story anyway so once you have the contract, go to get the quill and try to combine both items. Once you get the trophy, you can progress on with the game.

Pick up 15 things that don't belong to you

Will come automatically as you need more than this to solve puzzles required to beat the game.

Pick up 30 things that don't belong to you

Will come automatically as you need more than this to solve puzzles required to beat the game.

Pick up 45 things that don't belong to you

Should come automatically as you need more than this to solve puzzles required to beat the game. Just make sure you pick up all of the items that you find.

Flush 50 objects through time

If you are following a guide, you might miss this one. Most of the flushing back and forth is done when you are stuck and try to solve a puzzle. You can grind this one quickly by just flushing a bunch of items back and forth between 2 people. You do not need to be at the toilet to flush items. If you select an item in the menu, drop it onto one of the player icons in the same menu and it will automatically flush the item over to that character.

Get a job

Story related, you need to do this to get an item required for the main story.

Hint: In the present there is a help wanted sign on the window. Take this and send it back to the past. Have hogie give the sign to the professor in the basement and you will unlock this trophy.

Create a cherry tree

Story related, can't be missed.

Hint: Use the red paint found in the attic to paint the orange fruit on the tree outside the window downstairs in the past.

Destroy a cherry tree

Story related, can't be missed.

Hint: Talk to George after creating the cherry tree.

Change the flag

Story related, can't be missed.

Hint: In the future, talk to the guard and tell him you feel sick. Once in the doctors office, take the poster of the tentacle anatomy off the wall. Once back in your cell, say you need to go to the toilet. Flush the poster to hogie in the past. Switch over to hogie and bring the poster up to the bedroom where the woman is working on the designs for the American flag. Drop the poster on the table next to the other flag designs and the American flag will change.

Try to wash the dirty car with the brush

In the present there is a car outside the front of the house. There will likely be a man trying to break into it with a crowbar. In the past, you will have found a brush in the pantry. Send this to the present and use this brush on the car. You need to use it on the body of the car rather than the window. The trophy only unlocks when you try to wash the body of the dirty car. 

Make it rain

Story related, can't be missed.

Hint: Not at all obvious. You need to have a bucket of soapy water and a brush. Go outside and use this on the wagon near the Inn and it will make the weather change and start raining.

Close a door

Can be done on any door at any time.

Get all six novelty items

Collect all of the novelty items in the game and you will get this trophy. Most are easy to get and are part of the story so you should end up getting this one without trying.

Bang Gun - Take the letter found in the mail box in the past and give it to the guy in the bedroom who wants to kill himself.
Gun lighter - Swap the gun lighter with the bang gun.
Exploding Cigar - You get this after swapping the guns
Disappearing Ink - Found in the same room as the guy wanting to kill himself with the bang gun.
Chatter teeth - Open the grill on the floor and chase after the teeth until they fall inside.
Fake Barf - Knock the speaker over upstairs while the music is playing.

Climb through the chimney with all three kids

The chimney is a handy shortcut up to the roof. Its unlikely you will make it through the game without doing this. Climb up it with each of the 3 characters to get the trophy.

Clothe Laverne in the costume

Story related, Can't be missed.

Hint: Once you have changed the flag, go up to the roof of the house in the future. Use the crank found in the present to wind down the new flag. Use the flag and Laverne will wear it, you will not be able to travel freely around the house.

Make vinegar

Story related, can't be missed.

Hint: In the pantry in the past you will find a bottle of wine. Give it to the guy who has the time capsule. In the future, this time capsule will be upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Use the can opener to get inside.

Enter the human contest

Story related, Can't be missed.

Hint: To enter the contest you need to have Laverne wearing the tentacle costume. Speak to the blue tentacle who is in the living room area next to the fire place and he will give you a name tag. Use this on the mummy upstairs along with the roller skates and push him down to stairs to enter the competition.

Laverne tries the chattering teeth on her human during the human show

You will find these teeth in the present. Once you get them make sure you do not give them to George in the past. This will remove the teeth from your inventory, preventing you from being able to get this trophy.


Story related, Can't be missed.

Make sure you use the chattering teeth with yoour human in order to get "Can't Win and Chew Gum at the Same Time" as this can't be obtained later on.

Hint: You need to cheat to make your human win. You can speak with the group of tentacles to the left and make them judge a particular topic. If your human doesnt win, you can make some changes and ask them to judge again, so don't worry if you loose.

Hint 2: Use the wet sphagetti on as hair and use the fork to tidy it up. Fake barf will get one contestant disqualified and to win the smile you need to obtain read the book to the horse in the past and he will take his teeth out. These teeth give you the best smile and the competition will now be over.

Talk to Washington, Jefferson, or Hancock while they're outside

This can be easily missed. As part of the story you need to rob the golden quill in the living room. To do this you need to light the fire, take the blanket and use this blanket to cover the chimney causing smoke to fill the room. All the men will go outside and once you take the quill, they come back inside preventing you from being able to get this trophy. Before you rob the quill, make sure you go outside and talk to at least one of the people and the trophy will unlock. They can be found around the back of the house next to the "Cherry" tree.

Red makes a super battery with only a little help from Hoagie

Story related, cant be missed.

Unlocks once you get the battery. This is hogies entire story so theres no hint for this one.

Hoagie uses battery with Chron-o-John instead of plug

Once you get the battery, go outside to the Chron-o-John and rather than plug it into the battery, attempt to flush the battery down the toilet.

Wake up Dr. Fred

Story related, cant be missed.

Hint: Quite a lot leads up to this, but once you have Dr. Fred back from the IRS guys and down in the basement. Pour the regular coffee down his throat using the funel and it wakes him up.

Once you have obtained the crowbar, take the coin off the floor that is stick to the gum. There is another coin inside the telephone on the wall. Go upstairs and into the first room. Use both coins on the bed and take the sweather that is under the fat guy. Head outside and break open the candy machine. This gives you lots of money. Go to the laundry room inside the kitchen and put the sweater inside the dryer and use all the money to make the machine dry the sweather. Go to the future and go to the same room as Laverne. The sweater will still be in here, spinning around, except now it will have shrunk. 

Microwave the frozen hamster

Story related, Cant be missed.

Hint: Put the hamster into the ice box and take him out in the future. Bring him to the kitchen and defrost him.

Try to microwave the hamster again after he's thawed out

Following Don't Try This at Home, try to put the hamster back into the microwave.

Send the Booboo-B-Gone onto Laverne. Outside the house walk to the Chron-o-John. Walk back out of this area and you will see a black cat on the left. He runs way when you get close to him. USe the booboo-b-gone on the fence and the cat will come back out and have a white stripe and the trophy will unlock.

Vacuum up a hamster

Story related, Cant be missed.

Hint: In the past, use the vacuum flier and put it into the suggestion box. Talk with the guys and suggest they check. They will write this into the constitution. You can now use this in the basement in the future when the hamster escapes.

Get Fred to sign the contract

Story related, Cant be missed.

Warning: Completing this activity will prevent you from being able to unlock "Rap Sheet: Forger". Make sure you unlock that trophy before attempting to unlock this one.

Hint: Trick him into signing it thinking that the document is a petition to ban tentacles.

Hoagie eats a Hoagie

This is an idle animation. Leave the controller down for a minute or so and he will eventually eat one of these as part of an idle animation and this will cause the trophy to unlock.

Reach yesterday without turning the stereo off

This one is apparently a bit glitchy. Near the start of the game you will get to the bedroom with the green tentacle and he will talk about his band. To the left of the door there is a stereo, when you turn it on a song starts playing. You eventually use this as a way to get the fake barf to fall from the ceiling downstairs. You need to complete the game and leave this stereo on. You should be able to just turn this on before you trigger the final sequence with the diamond, but people have reported some issues with it unlocking. When i played the game, I turned this on when i first discovered it and left it turned on for the duration of the game. This was so incredibly annoying, but I got the trophy in the end. If you want to take the risk and only turn it on before triggering the end game sequence. 

Return the stamp album to Weird Ed

Story Related, Can't be missed.

Hint: Ed is the big guy in the bedroom with the hamster who is playing with his stamp collection. Squirt the invisible ink into his stamp collection and he will loose his temper and throw you out of the room and also throw his stamp album at you.

Turn off the television

In the bedroom with the fat guy sleeping on the bed you will see a TV. Turn the TV on and listen to the advert, the phone number is important. Once the ad has finished, turn the TV off.

Play Maniac Mansion

In Eds bedroom in the present, there is a blank command shell window on a computer screen. This is a black screen with green text that will start with C:\. Interact with this computer to play Maniac Mansion.

Ask the IRS agents if they're related

After you have beguin the process of getting the contract from the safe in the present, the professor will be taken away by 2 men from the IRS and locked upstairs. Head up to the attic using the main stairs (not the chimney shortcut) and the 2 men will be sitting on the desk. Speak with them and ask if they are related to get the trophy.

Talk to Dead Cousin Ted with all three kids

Dead Cousin Ted is the mummy that is featured quite promanantly in all 3 times. All you need to do is talk with him and then leave. You do not need to exhaust all possible conversations, just speak with him once and you can leave.

Squirt five different people with disappearing ink

You can transfer the ink to the past in order to squirt the ink on some extra people.

Try to mix the red paint and the Booboo-B-Gone

You will find the red paint in the past and the booboo-B-Gone in the present. Combine them together using any character to get this trophy.

Try to mix the decaf and caffeinated coffees

Go to the kitchen in the present and there will be a coffee maker that has 2 different types of coffee. Take both of them and try to combine them in your inventory.

Try to mix the disappearing ink with Booboo-B-Gone

Have both of these items in your inventory and combine them together.

Try to flush the hamster

Once you get the hamster from Eds bedroom, try to flush it down the Chron-o-John.

Try to swap the textbook with the stamp album

When you are in the bedroom with Ed he will be looking at his stamp collection. Attempt to use the textbook with his stamp collection and you will get this trophy.

Laverne thinks about eating the cat

Story related, can't be missed.

Hint 1: Once the cat is in your inventory, combine the cat and the fork together.
Hint 2: In the past there is a cat in the attic. Swap the 2 mattresses on the bed and then interact with the squeaky mattress in the background. The cat will walk over to this giving you time to go and take the mouse he is playing with. In the future, once you have turned the cat into a skunk, use the mouse as a way to lure him over to you. Once you capture him you can combine him with the fork to get this trophy.

Try to put something metal in the microwave

I did this in the future using the fork after defrosting the hamster. Try to put anything metal from your inventory into the microwave.

Ring the front desk bell 100 times

In the reception where you first start the game you will see that there is a bell on the front desk. You need to interact with this and ring it 100 times. Theres no shortcut for this, so you just have to stick with it. Keep count in your head so you know how many dings you have left.

Cook the hamster in Maniac Mansion (Don't try this at home, kids!)

This is a follow on from "Games History Major" and it is time consuming to do this one without a guide. It should take about 10 minutes to get this trophy. Maniac mansion is not as fun as this game, but for its time it is quite impressive. Either way, follow the video guide below to find out how to cook the hamster in Maniac Mansion.