Black & White Bushido Trophy Guide

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Black and White Bushido is a fairly unique style of competitive brawler. There are 2 teams, black or white. The environment is colored in such a way that players can easily blend in with the background to become hidden. The trophy list is an absolute laugh. If you have a spare controller you can get this in about 30 minutes. Nothing is missable so nothing to worry about.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 1 Hour
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online Trophies : 0/13
  • Offline Trophies : 13/13
  • Num Playthroughs : 3

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Play a few games of capture the flag to wrap up almost all of the trophies. Do challenge mode as soon as you can to unlock FINAL FORM. Once you have this the rest of the trophies you do not have yet can be easily unlocked using a second controller. If you do not have a second controller it is still quite easy to get the remaining trophies.

Complete all other trophies
Collect all other trophies in the game.
Get a double kill 10 times
If you have multiple controllers this is a cakewalk but you can get it against AI opponents too. You need to get 2 kills with a single attack on 10 times.
Kill an enemy with a Shuriken from Screen wrapping
Screen wrapping means you need to throw the Shuriken off one side of the screen and rather than go off into the distance and vanish, it will appear on the other side of the screen. You need to time a throw so that it goes off one side of the screen and will come around and hit an enemy on the other side.
Win a game of capture the flag without losing a flag
Fairly easy to get. You just need to win a game and not lose any of your own flags.
Kill an enemy just before they capture the flag 10 times
This is easy to get regardless, but is obviously easier if you are using a second controller. When the red color begins to drain from the flag it means the enemy is just about the capture the flag. Kill them while this is happening 10 different times to get the trophy.
Play a 4 player Local Game 1 time
Before you think this is a deal breaker, you do not need to own 4 controllers to be able to do this, you only need 1. Start a match and once you have joined as player one, switch user and use 3 different accounts on your PS4 to join the game. Once you finish the match the trophy will unlock.
Kill an enemy from Stealth Movement while in your own color
You can enter stealth by pressing R2 when standing in front of a background that is a different color to you. This will make you change to the color of the background and you can run around freely. You need to kill an enemy while they are doing this. Super easy to do with a second controller.
Kill an enemy after teleporting above them 10 times
This might take a bit of time to do solo, so if you have a second controller it will save you a lot of effort. You need to teleport on top of an enemy and kill them 10 separate times. Performing this kill is tricky on its own, here is what you need to do.

Obtain the smoke item. Find an enemy and perform a jump that makes you pass over the enemy’s head. When above him press Circle to activate the smoke in mid air and then press circle again to teleport back to the smoke. You will now be in the air above the player you want to kill. Move the left stick down and press square to perform a ground slash to kill the enemy from above.
Clash in Mid Air 10 times
Getting this to happen against AI opponents is very hard. It’s also a little tricky to do with 2 controllers. To clash in mid air, both players need to perform attacks against each other at the same time so that they attack each other in the air at the same time.

Using a second controller, get both players close to each other and perform an attack in the other players direction so they both clash. You will get thrown backwards and this will count as 1. You can get the trophy even if you don’t clash in mid air, you just need to clash from an attack.
Slice up the Shark 1 time
There is a shark hanging from a post on the right side of the shipyard level. Attack the shark so that it falls down and you will get the trophy.
Get 10 kills while in the water
Do this on the waterfall stage since there is plenty of..water. Just kill another player while standing in the water.
Get 300 points or more in Challenge Mode

See FINAL FORM, you need to get 3000 points for this trophy so you will unlock both with the same strategy.

Get 3000 points or more in Challenge Mode
Getting 3000 points is very easy so there is no need to worry. This game mode puts you against AI opponents in capture the flag mode. It is probably best to to this early on as you might get some other trophies in the process.

As you play the game mode, challenges will pop up to get kills in a certain way. You just need to keep doing this until you get over 3000 points. There isn't a counter so you have to use your best guess. This isn't ideal of course, but 3000 isn't really that many points. If you let the enemy capture the flag they make for an easy kill so you can sort of camp this process. Let them get to the flag and take them out.