Tipsy Traits: A Drinking Spin on the Classic ‘Guess Who

guess who drinking game

Inject a fun twist into your next game night with Tipsy Traits, a groovy adaptation of the traditional board game – ‘Guess Who?’ A perfect choice for those seeking a blend of mystery and laughter, Tipsy Traits is the cocktail of fun you’ve been waiting for!

Setting Up the Game

To begin an exhilarating round of Tipsy Traits, you will need:

  1. An eager group of participants was ready for a fun guessing game and a few drinks.
  2. A ‘Guess Who?’ game set, including the board, character cards, and player cards.
  3. A selection of preferred drinks, be it beers, cocktails, or even non-alcoholic beverages.

Now that you’re equipped, it’s time to delve into uncovering characters in the world of Tipsy Traits!

Game Rules

Tipsy Traits takes the curious guessing of ‘Guess Who?’ and infuses it with lighthearted drinking rules. Here’s how the game proceeds:

  1. Guess Incorrectly: If a player guesses the other player’s character incorrectly, they take a drink.
  2. Guess Correctly: If a player guesses the other player’s character correctly, the other player has to finish their drink.
  3. Revel In Diversity: If a player asks if the character has a characteristic related to diversity (like wearing glasses, having a beard, etc.), all players must take a sip to celebrate diversity.

Adding A Swirl Of Fun with Variations and Custom Rules

Boost the enjoyment of your Tipsy Traits game with these additional rules:

  1. Lightning Round: If a player correctly guesses the character in less than 5 questions, all other players finish their drinks.
  2. Eagle Eyes: If a player identifies a common trait amongst the remaining characters, all players must sip.
  3. Cheeky Cheers: If a player guesses the character without asking about the features, the other players take three sips.

Playing Tipsy Traits Responsibly

  1. Safety First: Always ensure the playing environment is safe and comfortable for all players.
  2. Game Suitability: Adapt the game rules based on the players’ familiarity with ‘Guess Who?’ and drinking preferences, ensuring an inclusive, fun-filled game for everyone.
  3. Promote Responsible Drinking: Encourage players to drink in moderation. Remember, the goal of Tipsy Traits is to enjoy the game, not to get overly intoxicated.

Tipsy Traits, with its mix of playful guessing and sipping fun, offers a distinct way to make your game night a hilarious affair. Emphasizing topics like safety, responsible drinking, and making everyone comfortable will assure a remarkable Tipsy Traits gaming experience. So, get your ‘Guess Who?’ board, pour your favorite drinks, and let the guessing (and sipping!) begin. The merriment of Tipsy Traits awaits!

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