Tipsy Tower: Block Stacking Drinking Game

Tipsy Tower

Elevate your party spirits with Tipsy Tower, a vivacious drinking game derived from the beloved classic, Jenga. In this thrilling adaptation, each block pulled has a unique rule written on it – a rule that might involve drinking, performing a daring act, or making the game even more challenging. It promises to blend suspense, strategy, and laughter into one unforgettable experience!

Grab your set of blocks, prepare your favorite cocktails, and let’s dive headfirst into a boisterous competition where the tower isn’t the only thing getting tipsy!

Game Setup

Setting up Tipsy Tower is a piece of cake:

  1. Arrange the Jenga-style tower with blocks that have the drinking rules written on them.
  2. Ensure everyone has a drink of their choice within arm’s reach.

Rules of the Game

Playing Tipsy Tower comes with a twist and a shot of amusement:

  1. Stack Up: Players take turns extracting a block from the tower, trying not to topple it.
  2. Follow the Rule: Whatever rule is written on the block, the player must follow it, which usually involves taking a drink or inciting some entertaining action. You can get creative here and if you need some inspiration, we have a list of example rules below.
  3. Maintain the Tower: The player places the block on top of the tower further destabilizing it.
  4. Game End: The game continues until the tower falls or all the blocks are finished. The person who topples the tower undergoes a fitting punishment: finishing their drink! If you want to make it a little more punishing, every player pours some of their drink into a central cup and makes the looser drink a cocktail of what everyone is drinking, which is generally going to be less than delicious.

Examples of Block Rules

Energize your Tipsy Tower game with these enticing rules to write on the blocks:

  1. Double Trouble: The player takes two drinks.
  2. Start a Waterfall: The player begins drinking, and every participant starts drinking in turn. No one can stop until the player to their right has stopped.
  3. Story Time: The player starts a word-by-word story. Each player adds a word until someone messes up. The one who errs drinks.
  4. Unlucky Block: The player takes a drink for each block removed so far.
  5. Rhyme Master: The player picks a word. Everybody in the circle must rhyme with this word. The first person who cannot, drink.
  6. Choose Your Mate: Pick your “drinking buddy.” Now, whenever they drink, you drink!
  7. Two Truths, One Lie: The player tells two truths and a lie. Anyone who fails to identify the lie drinks.
  8. Infinity Drinks: Every time someone else pulls this block, you drink.
  9. Picasso Drunk: The player must draw something on a sheet of paper. Anyone who can’t guess what it is must drink.
  10. Silent Ninja: The player cannot talk until their next turn. If they do, they drink.

Responsible Gameplay

Even with the swirling excitement of Tipsy Tower, always prioritize participants’ well-being and enjoyment:

  1. Comprehension: Confirm that all players understand the rules and are comfortable with the game.
  2. Inclusivity: Provide non-alcoholic beverage options so everyone can join in without pressure.
  3. Responsibility: Foster an atmosphere that encourages responsible drinking and takes into account players’ comfort.

Tipsy Tower masterfully merges the precarious thrill of Jenga with the spirited essence of a drinking game, resulting in a unique, interactive, hilarious activity perfect for any social gathering. With a rocking tower and an array of creative drinking commands, this game provides laughter, suspense, and enjoyment. So gather your blocks, pour the drinks, and brace for a topsyturvy adventure of suspense and fun!

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