The Walking Dead Drinking Game

The Walking Dead Drinking Game

Attention, The Walking Dead fans! Brace yourselves for a thrilling journey into a post-apocalyptic world filled with suspense, action, and drama. Introducing The Walking Dead Drinking Game, an exciting way to revisit your favorite zombie-infested world. Assemble your squadron, grab some drinks, and immerse yourself in a night of thrilling adventure and camaraderie.

Game Setup

Before venturing into this world of survivors and the undead, let’s lay down the groundwork:

  1. Episodes: Any episodes from The Walking Dead series
  2. Drinks: Your preferred alcoholic beverage (beer, wine, or themed cocktails)
  3. Participants: At least 2 players (the more, the merrier!)
  4. Optional: A printed copy of the drinking rules for easy reference during the game

Determine how much you’ll drink for each rule before launching the game!


Stay vigilant and keep your glasses full! Take a sip whenever the following unnerving events unfold:

Main Characters and Events

  • Rick Grimes
    • Asserts his leadership or makes a tough decision
    • Shares an emotional moment with his family or friends
    • Uses his Colt Python revolver
  • Daryl Dixon
    • Wields his trademark crossbow
    • Displays his survival skills (tracking, hunting, etc.)
    • Bonds with a fellow survivor or protects them
  • Michonne
    • Demonstrates her astonishing swordsmanship with her katana
    • Shares her personal struggles or dark past
    • Experiences a tender moment with Rick, Carl, or Judith
  • Carl Grimes
    • Disobey a direct order or does something reckless
    • Shares a heartfelt moment with his father, Rick
    • Wears his father’s sheriff hat

Supporting Characters & Recurring Events

  • Glenn Rhee
    • Escapes a hopeless situation or demonstrates his resourcefulness
    • Shares a touching moment with Maggie Greene
    • References or has a close call regarding his fate
  • Maggie Greene
    • Exhibits her fearless leadership skills
    • Addresses her family or farm life before the apocalypse
    • Searches or grieves for Glenn
  • Negan (later in the series)
    • Delivers a terrifyingly charismatic speech
    • Brandishes his signature weapon, Lucille
    • Expresses his dark sense of humor

General Rules

  • A zombie (or “walker”) is killed
  • A new character is introduced
  • A character you recognize dies or is turned into a walker
  • A character finds or scavenges for supplies
  • A safe house or refuge is discovered or destroyed
  • An intense chase or escape sequence takes place
  • Flashbacks or dream sequences occur
  • Someone mentions hope for a cure or the pre-apocalyptic world

Optional Rules

  • Rick delivers his iconic “This is not a democracy” speech
  • A character shows signs of becoming or fighting off a walker
  • A walker or human antagonist is narrowly avoided
  • Someone says “Walker”

Game End

The Walking Dead Drinking Game concludes as the credits roll on the episode you’re watching. As the series boasts ten seasons and counting, there’s always more excitement to come!

So gather your friends, arm them with drinks, and plunge into the heart-pounding world of The Walking Dead. Stay vigilant and get ready to share laughter, scares, and camaraderie. Cheers! 🍻

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