The Ultimate Guide to Quarters

quarters drinking game

A classic test of dexterity, aptitude, and alcohol consumption, Quarters has won the hearts (and hangovers) of countless revelers since its invention. Whether you’re learning the game for the first time or seeking to elevate your Quarters prowess, this guide will assist with all your coin-lobbing, glass-chinking needs. So gather your friends, some cold beverages, and a handful of shiny coins, and let’s dive into the exhilarating world of Quarters!

The Set-Up

Creating the perfect Quarters battleground is simple, and requires just a few essential items:

  1. A clean, flat table or surface with ample space for gameplay
  2. At least one small glass or a sturdy shot glass per player
  3. A handful of quarters or similarly sized coins
  4. Your favorite beverages — anything from beer to cocktails

Each player should have their glass filled with a drink of their choice, and the quarters should be placed within easy reach of everyone. You’re now ready to kick off the Quarters game!

The Rules

Quarters is all about skill and precision, with players taking turns attempting to bounce their coin off the table and into a glass. Here’s the rundown on the most basic version of the game:

  1. The first player takes a coin and attempts to bounce it off the table and into their glass.
  2. If they are successful, they may choose another player to drink the contents of their glass, refill it, and attempt the same feat. If successful, the process continues, with each player choosing the next ‘victim’.
  3. If a player fails to bounce their coin into the glass, their turn is over, and the game proceeds to the next player in a clockwise direction.
  4. Some variations of the game have a communal, larger glass in the center of the table known as the “Death Cup.” All successful coin bounces into this glass resulting in everyone taking a communal shot.

Optional Rules and Variations

For more seasoned players or those craving additional excitement, consider incorporating the following twists:

  1. Switching Sides: If the successful player manages to land a coin in their glass on their first attempt, they can opt to pass their glass to the person on their right instead of nominating a fellow participant.
  2. Stealing Turns: If a player has no glass (it was passed to their right in the previous situation), they can steal another player’s turn by flicking their coin into that player’s glass.
  3. Challenging Rounds: Instigate thrilling fast-paced rounds by stacking multiple coins on the knuckles of one hand, flicking them all into the air, and catching as many as possible. Players must drink for each coin they fail to catch.
  4. Quarters War: With two or more shot glasses placed in the center of the table, players simultaneously bounce coins, aiming for the glasses. When one player lands a coin in a glass, they loudly exclaim ‘STOP!’ The last player to halt must drink the contents of the glass containing the coin.

Tips for Perfecting Your Skills

  1. Practice Your Bounce: Success in Quarters comes down to mastering the art of bouncing the coin. Experiment with various landing angles and bounce styles to find your sweet spot.
  2. Observe Others: Keep your eye on players with higher success rates and learn from their techniques and coin-release timing.
  3. Maintain Focus: Quarters is a game of hand-eye coordination and patience. Don’t let nerves or distractions get the best of you as you prepare to release your coin.

Quarters has earned its status as one of the most popular drinking games due to its accessibility, simplicity, and adaptability. The key to mastering the game is practice, patience, and a steady hand. Above all, enjoy the company, conversation, and shared laughter that comes with an exhilarating Quarters showdown.

So break out your favorite beverages, polish your coins, and get ready to bounce and imbibe with Quarters! As always, please drink responsibly, respect your limits, and aim for a fun-filled, safe evening of entertainment. Happy bouncing!

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