Day Z

Released in 2012 DayZ is multiplayer survival horror mod for the military shooter ARMA 2. Taking place in a fictional russian state, the mod has the player survive in a zombie infested world, battling the undead and other players for resources, weapons and food. The mod has been praised by critics and already has been confirmed for standalone release coming soon.

Defense of the ancients (DOTA)

A mod for Warcraft 3, DOTA is credited for the creation of the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). In DOTA two teams of 5 battle against each other where each human player controls one Hero character and battle other players aswell as smaller minions that are spawned at regular intervals.DOTA was hugely successful and has spawned multiple popular games in the genre including League of Legends which now has over 30 million players. The sequel which is developed valve software is currently available on steam.

Counter Strike

Is one of the most famous first person shooters on pc and is considered one of the best and hardest multiplayer games around. Originally a mod for half life, players buy weapons based on their performance in previous rounds and battle in various maps. Each player has one life per round and when they die are forced to spectate the rest of the round. in 2004 Valve software released Counter-Strike: Source a remake of the game in the developers source engine and is one of the most played games on Steam. a multi platform sequel Counter-Strike: Global offensive was released in 2012.

Team Fortress Classic

Originally a Quake mod Team fortress was ported over in 1999 as a modification to the original Half-Life, a standalone version was later released in 2003. Team Fortress was considered one of the finest examples of team based multiplayer with players selecting one of nine classes each with their own unique abilities. At the time of its release when straightforward deathmatch games were the norm, Team Fortress was a breath of fresh encouraging teamwork and building balanced teams. a sequel Team Fortress 2 was released in 2007 and more recently Has been released as a free to play title.

Garry’s mod

Garry’s mod is sandbox physics game based Valve’s source engine. the game allows players to manipulate objects and characters in 3D environments and is commonly used for the making of humorous videos and comics. originally garry’s mod required the player to own another source game but has been updated to work as a standalone title.

Black mesa

Black Mesa is a total conversion mod with the goal to recreate the entirety of the original Half-Life in Valve’s source engine, During it’s 8 year development it has always been under the spotlight from various magazines and news sites, the mod was considered abandoned due its long development cycle and only recently re-emerged. The First part of the mod was released in September 2012 and has appeared on Valve’s greenlight program to be voted for distribution on steam

Natural selection

A mod for the original Half-Life, natural selection is a mix of first person shooter and real time strategy. Rounds take place on traditional first person shooter maps where a team of humans fight a teams of aliens with the twist that one player on each team views the game from a RTS perspective and upgrades other players weapons and builds structures. the mod was a huge success and recently a sequel has been released on Steam

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