The Royal Guide to the Drinking Game of Kings

Kings drinking game

Gather your fellow subjects and prepare to enter the Court of Kings, the drinking game that unites friends (and sometimes foes) over a deck of cards and a few cold beverages. This high-stakes game of chance, wit, and skill is sure to entertain your taste buds and keep everyone laughing until the kingdom falls. Read on, dear knights and maidens, to learn the ins and outs of this majestic pursuit.

The Set Up

You’ll need a few simple items to set the stage for your royal tournament:

  1. A standard deck of cards with Jokers removed.
  2. A large table with ample room for the cards and your choice of libations.
  3. Drinks of your choice — beer, wine, or cocktails, as long as they flow like the River Nile.

Spread the cards face down in a circle around a large cup, which will be known as the ‘King’s Cup.’ Make sure the drinks are accessible to all players. It’s time to learn the rules – for in the realm of Kings, rules are everything!

The Rules For The Kings Drinking Game

Each card has a specific action tied to it. When a player draws a card, they must follow the action/rules associated with that card. Below is one of the common sets of rules used in Kings, but feel free to add your twist to the game.

  • Ace: “Waterfall” – All players begin drinking, and can only stop once the person to their right has stopped.
  • Two: “You” – The player who drew the card selects another person to take a drink.
  • Three: “Me” – The player who drew the card must take a drink.
  • Four: “Floor” – Everyone at the table reaches for the floor, and the last one to do so takes a drink.
  • Five: “Guys” – All men (or designated group) at the table must take a drink.
  • Six: “Chicks” – All women (or designated group) at the table must take a drink.
  • Seven: “Heaven” – All players throw their hands in the air. Last one to do so drinks.
  • Eight: “Mate” – The player who drew the card selects another person to take a drink with them.
  • Nine: “Rhyme” – The player says a word, and everyone else must rhyme with it. The first one to fail drinks.
  • Ten: “Categories” – The player selects a category, and players take turns naming items from the category. First to falter drinks.
  • Jack: “Thumb Master” – The player is now the ‘Thumb Master,’ and at any point, they can discreetly place their thumb on the table. Last one to notice and do the same drinks.
  • Queen: “Question Master” – The player becomes the ‘Question Master’ until the next Queen is drawn. If they ask someone a question and that person answers, the responder must drink.
  • King: Pour a shot of your drink into the “King’s Cup.” The player who draws the fourth King must consume the concoction!

Note that these rules are merely a starting point, and house rules may vary from kingdom to kingdom!

Strategy (if there is any)

  1. Choose your cards wisely — although in a game full of chance, the ‘strategy’ might not be advanced. Keeping a mental note of what cards are in play impacts how you interact with the game.
  2. Pay keen attention to the Question and Thumb Master. They are the unseen forces capable of drastically altering the game’s dynamics by catching you off guard.
  3. Contribute to the game’s merriment and social atmosphere. The spirit of Kings lies in laughter, camaraderie, and mirth!

Kings is more than a mere pastime. It’s a living testament to the ingenuity of humans in their never-ending quest to entertain and unwind after a long day. Let the echoes of merriment resound through your kingdom, and may your cups never run dry!

Now, gather your royal subjects and engage in a drunken night of revelry! Remember, drink responsibly, and know your limits. Long live the Kings!

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